Links 6/27/23

Links for you. Science:

There has been much recent misinformation about COVID-19 origins that we can now debunk.
The Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines to Prevent Long COVID Symptoms: Staggered Cohort Analyses of Data from the UK, Spain, and Estonia
One Health compartment analysis of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli reveals multiple transmission events in a rural area of Madagascar
A Noncoding A-to-U Kozak Site Change Related to the High Transmissibility of Alpha, Delta, and Omicron VOCs
Lessons (machine) learned from COVID-19
How to Build a Scent Smorgasbord for Mosquitoes: To study how the African malaria mosquito homes in on its human targets, researchers built an enormous “flight cage.” in rural Zambia.


Everyone’s a Business Major Now: Forget the discourse. The United States already has abandoned traditional subjects (excellent)
U.S. Vaccine Program Now Flush With Cash, but Short on Key Details. A $5 billion federal program aims to make better Covid vaccines. But vaccine makers are confused by murky regulatory guidance. (when it comes to COVID response, Biden and Zients have sucked ass)
D.C. cleared scores of homeless from McPherson Square. Then kept evicting them.
That’s Nice, Not Going To Read It
Day Care for Less Than $10: How Canada Is Easing the Burden for Parents. A national program is reducing day care fees to as low as 10 Canadian dollars, about $7.60, per day, a relief for families even as a surge in demand has created obstacles.
Do Police Drug Interventions Spark Overdose Surges?
Who is Richard Hanania’s mysterious benefactor? Or, who needs a newsletter when you can pay yourself nearly $300,000 out of your own ‘nonprofit’
Here’s a little more about miraculous Mississippi
Metro pledges to do its part while seeking help from regional leaders. Board members said there is little Metro can do to close a projected $750 million funding gap without jeopardizing the transit system, but they said they need to do as much as they can — even raise fares
I don’t know why Lance Armstrong woke up one morning recently and decided that trans athletes and “fairness in sports” should be a topic that needs his public exploration, but I do have thoughts on all this and context for those without it.
Musk and Bezos Offer Humanity a Grim Future in Space Colonies: Privately owned space colonies are more likely to be totalitarian nightmares than libertarian utopias
Nancy Pelosi Says Supreme Court Justices Should Face Term Limits. The former House speaker also argued that the Supreme Court should face ethics regulations as well.
Steve Bannon has spent years promoting RFK Jr. and his crackpot anti-vaccine theories: Bannon used his War Room podcast to help Kennedy spread conspiracy theories and undermine public health efforts well before he announced his 2024 candidacy
RFK Jr. and Joe Rogan: Putting the old denialist technique of bad faith “Debate me, bro!” challenges on steroids
Who’s Really in Charge of the GOP? (Hint: It’s Not Trump). Rabidly conservative base voters are the tail wagging the very sick dog.
The Candidate of the ‘Tucker-Rogan-Elon-Bannon-Combo-Platter Right’
Anatomy of a troll
Why Richard Hanania’s “enlightened centrism” is neither
Box of Rocks #3 — Never Change
For Workers, Unions and Public Pressure Get the Goods: Freight rail unions have gradually achieved their key demand from the labor dispute last year.
The Supreme Court May Preemptively Ban a Federal Wealth Tax: Given the recent ethics questions about justices’ interactions with billionaires, it’s an interesting case to take on.
Samuel Alito’s Wife Leased Land to an Oil and Gas Firm While the Justice Fought the EPA: A deal made by Alito’s wife with an energy company paints recent Supreme Court decisions on the environment in a damning light.
On the Lack of Academic Solidarity
Woman Seeking Government Contracts Accuses John Falcicchio of Sexual Harassment, Denying Her Business Opportunities
Sorry, Joe Rogan: Scientists should never ‘debate’ anti-vaccine quacks. Here’s why
Health bosses warn of heart disease emergency in England: The British Heart Foundation said the factors likely to be driving the increase in excess cardiovascular deaths were Covid and the ongoing disruption to NHS heart services.

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    BP;DR (Behind paywall, didn’t read) but someone should tell Scientific American that totalitarian nightmares and libertarian utopias are actually the same thing.

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