Links 6/25/23

Links for you. Science:

Survey finds 8% Omicron-positivity rate after medical meeting (“…the researchers pointed out the much higher rate of positivity among attendees staying in private accommodations [versus hotels].”)
Chance favors the prepared genomes: horizontal transfer shapes the emergence of antibiotic resistance mutations in core genes. (very interesting)
The Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technologies is Prohibited for the NIH Peer Review Process (wut?!?)
‘Ridiculous,’ says Chinese scientist accused of being pandemic’s patient zero: Ben Hu denies he was sick in late 2019, or that his coronavirus work led to COVID-19, and newly declassified U.S. intelligence doesn’t substantiate allegations against him
Characterisation of ASD traits among a cohort of children with isolated fetal ventriculomegaly
US honeybees suffer second deadliest season on record


The Obscure NIH Official Blocking Lower Drug Prices. Mark Rohrbaugh, a mid-level staffer at the National Institutes of Health, has consistently blocked the use of march-in rights to seize patents on high-cost drugs.
Against Exercise Machines: Ellipticals, weightlifting contraptions, bikes with screens—just ditch them all.
S.B.F. and an ‘O.C.’ Star Walk Into a Hotel…
Biden Can Probably Forgive Student Debt Even If SCOTUS Rules Against Him
Work rules for benefits programs deter low-income people from college
The ‘Flash’ Crash and a Bummer Summer
Nobody Can Come Up With A Good Defense of Donald Trump
If data caps are making your online life harder, the FCC wants to know. Among other things, the FCC wants to find out why these caps still exist at all
Justice Samuel Alito IS the Salmon
‘Freakonomics’ Was Neoliberal Bullshit
Americans are hungry to be part of unions. So why is US labor so timid?
It’s Not Just Corporate Pride Boycotts—Right-Wingers Are Escalating Their Anti-LGBTQ Campaign
A ‘doom loop’ narrative has taken over San Francisco. Here’s what it means for Boston. How the City by the Bay has fallen since COVID and hopes to bounce back, and what the capital of the Bay State could learn from watching
Elon Musk Has Made Anti-Trans Hatred One of Twitter’s Core Features
This ‘Little Saigon’ shaped their childhood. Now they fear for its future.
Abortion Funds Are Hanging On By A Thread A Year After Dobbs
Virginia’s Pro-Choice Majority Just Ousted an Anti-Abortion State Senator
Conservatives Are Now Blaming The Titanic Sub Tragedy On ‘Wokeness’ (they are so fucking stupid)
It’s Official: The DOJ Stalled the Investigation Into Donald Trump. Merrick Garland has long claimed he’s been methodically building his investigation into January 6 from the bottom up—but a Washington Post exposé shows otherwise.
GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Floats Conspiracy Theory On Titanic Sub And Hunter Biden (they still are so fucking stupid)
How Freddie Mac Helps Private Equity Profit From Tenant Misery. Overloaded with debt, with maintenance and repairs cut back to the bone, tenants are being bled dry to make millions for speculators—with a crucial assist from the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Blocks Counties From Prosecuting Abortion-Related Crimes
I don’t know how to write about all that hasn’t happened since the fall of Roe
This Teacher Couldn’t Talk About Systemic Racism In Class Because Tthe GOP Banned It. South Carolina Republicans have banned teaching about topics like systemic racism — and students have played a part in it.
My pregnancy was unlucky. My abortion wasn’t.
Conservative megadonor tied to Alito scandal looms large in Northern California

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  1. Bern says:

    They are NOT stupid about the woke sub haters. They are using whatever fodder there is churning up thru the entirety of culture and making it all into a hate/fear/revenge fantasy to keep everyone 1) boiling over, and 2) distracted from the real world, which is both better and much worse than their bullshit bubble (which, remember IS ALL THEY HAVE.

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