Links 6/18/23

Links for you. Science:

The Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines to Prevent Long COVID Symptoms: Staggered Cohort Analyses of Data from the UK, Spain, and Estonia
Are all calories created equal? Your gut microbes don’t think so.
This Extinct Dolphin Had Tusks That Fish Were Wise to Avoid


Tesla’s “Self-Driving” System Never Should Have Been Allowed on the Road
On the Moral Responsibilities of Political Spouses. People will die, and it will be your fault.
‘If you want to die in jail, keep talking’: National security law experts offer Trump some advice
“I Almost Wished There Was Someone There To Curse At Me”: Isolation And Triumph In MLB’s Plague Season
Restricting college tenure could hurt state economies, many warn
A sad and stunning moment in US history
I Tweet Myself
First It Was Quiet Quitting, Now Workers Are Facing Off With Their Bosses
Larry Summers Was Wrong About Inflation
Why MAGA didn’t riot at Trump’s arrest: Republicans in Congress vow to wage a civil war from within
As more schools target ‘Maus,’ Art Spiegelman’s fears are deepening
Prosecutors don’t consider Trump, the coup-attempting friend of world dictators, a ‘flight risk’
How much did Congress lose by defunding the IRS? Way more than we thought.
No Labels puts a label on itself: Republicans
Pfizer sees antibiotic supply running out as shortage worsens. Basic antibiotics have been in short supply in the US since October

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