Links 6/13/23

Links for you. Science:

Mysterious Covid-19 lineages in US sewers could offer clues to chronic infections
Octopuses tweak the RNA in their brains to adjust to warmer and cooler waters
Tracing the origin of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron-like spike sequences detected in wastewater
Viral emissions into the air and environment after SARS-CoV-2 human challenge: a phase 1, open label, first-in-human study
Billion-year-old grease hints at long history of complex cells
China’s rolling COVID waves could hit every six months — infecting millions


Did a North Carolina Democratic Lawmaker Throw the Party Under the Bus for the Charter School Industry? (leaving aside charter schools as policy, they’re a pretty good litmus test for good versus bad Democrats)
Cuff, Cuff, Pass
Trump’s hoarding of official secrets is both breathtakingly careless and utterly calculated.
Learning to Say F- It to the Trump FlimFlam
What Donald Trump and Reality Winner Have in Common
The dangerous Republican freakout about Trump’s indictment
Legislator with no higher education experience tapped to lead South Florida State College
West Virginia State Police Investigation: 10 more minors, 42 more women in total to sue West Virginia State Police over hidden cameras
Speaking up for diverse books
Judge Cannon beat the odds to draw new Trump case; She also got free trip to posh Yellowstone resort from right-wing law school
A TV Writer’s Plea in Wake of LGBTQ Confrontations: Don’t Let Hate Groups Flor-nicate California Schools (“Crowd members yelled, “Get out of here, Jew!””)
How Pat Robertson made white evangelicals Republican. It all began with his 1988 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
The Democrats’ long wander into the weeds
The Saudi-PGA Tour Golf Deal Isn’t Going to Happen
Dem launches ‘renters caucus’ in House to draw attention to affordability crisis
How Minnesota Democrats Passed A Raft Of Progressive Legislation With A 1-Seat Majority
What Happens When Corporations are Taxed at 50% – Like Before the Reagan Revolution?
Mass 19th century ‘vampire grave’ found during roadworks
What Happens When You Tax Billionaires at 90 Percent?
In Boston’s brutal rental market, the final insult has arrived: bidding wars. Amid record-low inventory, desperate renters are offering to pay even more than the landlord is asking. Sometimes by hundreds of dollars. Per month.
One Metro worker revived 21 riders overdosing on opioids. He’s not alone
Here’s a rough estimate of how many people recent SCOTUS rulings might kill
How to Clear 500,000 Feral Cats From New York’s Streets

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