Links 5/23/23

Links for you. Science:

Marburg Virus Disease: Global Threat or Isolated Events?
The war on Japanese knotweed
Blue Crab Survey Shows ‘Glimmer Of Hope’ After Record Low Numbers
An NDM-Producing Escherichia coli Clinical Isolate Exhibiting Resistance to Cefiderocol and the Combination of Ceftazidime-Avibactam and Aztreonam: Another Step Towards Pan-β-Lactam Resistance
SARS-CoV-2 transmission with and without mask wearing or air cleaners in schools in Switzerland: A modeling study of epidemiological, environmental, and molecular data
The Newest College Admissions Ploy: Paying to Make Your Teen a “Peer-Reviewed” Author


Might “Vitriolic Attacks” Against Emily Oster Rival COVID’s Carnage? (excellent, must-read)
How Are They So Bad At This
A New Ballot Initiative Could Bring Ranked-Choice Voting and Open Primaries to D.C. Expect a Big Fight. (Anita Bonds might actually lose an election. OH NOES!)
Senators Ramp Up 14th Amendment Pressure on Biden to Counter GOP Debt Ceiling Brinksmanship
The Republicans Are Worse. That’s Why Democrats Need To Be Criticized
Will The U.S. Economy Pull Off a ‘Soft Landing’?
Loser State, Loser Universities
Downtown DC’s recovery hinges on one word
Chasing The Same Imaginary People
No Labels is worse than you thought
About That Detail
Elon Musk promotes yet another neo-Nazi conspiracy theory
We Ended Up With Citizens United Because of a Typo
16 Crucial Words That Went Missing From a Landmark Civil Rights Law. The phrase, seemingly deleted in error, undermines the basis for qualified immunity, the legal shield that protects police officers from suits for misconduct.
David French, the punisher.
Two principles to protect internet users from decaying platforms
New York City is moving forward with congestion pricing. Los Angeles should be next
Cheesier, Saucier, and Drowning in Caviar: How TikTok took over the menu.
May Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map
The map of anti-trans risk has polarized into two Americas – one where trans people have full legal protections, and one where they are persecuted by the state.
France Is Fighting to Save Your iPhone From an Early Death
D.C. Officer Indicted For Allegedly Sharing Confidential Information With Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio
Sixteen years later, ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ creators open up about 2007′s Mooninite panic (it was such a stupid panic)
DC Police Intel Chief Was Supplicant To Proud Boys Leader, Prosecutors Say
BlueSky Ain’t It: The new social platform will never be the “next Twitter”—and that’s by design.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a Lying Crank Posing as a Progressive Alternative to Biden

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