Links 5/17/23

Links for you. Science:

Saving time and money in biomedical publishing: the case for free-format submissions with minimal requirements
Can You Pick a ‘Murder Hornet’ Out of a Lineup?
Researchers track antimicrobial resistance in E. coli isolated from swine
Long COVID scientists try to unravel blood clot mystery
Long COVID in Children and Youth After Infection or Reinfection with the Omicron Variant: A Prospective Observational Study (I’ll be blogging about this, but this is a non-trivial amount of long COVID in kids. Paging Emily Oster…)
What are the symptoms of RSV and how long is it contagious for? Let’s unpack this common cold virus


Angry Ex-Staffers Speak Out on ‘Pro-Choice’ Democrat’s Stunning Abortion Betrayal: “I wish I could say that she took a giant bag of cash at an IHOP and that’s why she did this—but it’s so much dumber than that,” her former aide told Jezebel. (told you she was a narcissist)
The Right And Wrong Ways To Interview Elite Economists
The Villain of the DiFi Saga
CNN faces harsh criticism after Trump unleashed a firehose of lies during its live town hall
How Women’s Swimming Got So Transphobic
Almost Every Powerful Economist We Have Went to 1 of 6 Schools. That’s Not Great!
Chuck Klosterman’s Decade of Ambivalence
Twitter appeared to limit the reach of investigative news site Bellingcat days after Elon Musk suggested its Texas mall shooter investigation was a ‘psyop’
Ron DeSantis’s Anti-Trans Agenda Exiles Dwyane Wade, NBA Superstar and Loving Father
Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned ‘race war’: Videos and chat logs reveal Jack Teixeira’s preparations for a violent social conflict, his racist thinking and a deep suspicion of the government he served
Clarence Thomas Is What He Wrongly Accuses Black Folks of Being
The day free-market Republicans became Soviet economic planners
The Debt Ceiling Drama Is All Stagecraft. Remember: The US Treasury is obligated to make payments. The rest is optics.
Ukraine’s cultural counteroffensive: The rush to erase Russia’s imprint
Can the Striking Writers Avoid Class Warfare?
Lawyer for Enrique Tarrio, ex-Proud Boys leader, has a point: Trump was the unindicted co-conspirator in the court room.
A pointed message from one judge to nine others about race and guns
To see debt ceiling crises as normal is to miss modern history
Why Business lobbyists want to stop Labor Secretary nominee Julie Su
CDC sets first target for indoor air ventilation to prevent spread of Covid-19
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Not in Oklahoma
COVID activity rises in 2 world regions as US declines continue
Ohio Is Spending $20 Million to Thwart a Statewide Vote on Abortion
When Fox News Turns On Its Own: Tucker Carlson’s allies can’t believe this is happening to them.
Understanding Your Cat’s Wild Side
Keystone Race: Is the mayoral primary in Philly a bellwether for Democratic politics?

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  1. Alice Marshall says:

    Cotham is a former Charter School lobbyist, that should have set off alarm bells. Never nominate those parasites.

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