Links 5/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Convergent evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants leading to the emergence of BQ.1.1 variant
A frightening virus is killing a massive number of wild birds
At least 2 cases of drug-resistant ringworm infections found in the U.S., CDC says
Neurologic sequelae of COVID-19 are determined by immunologic imprinting from previous coronaviruses
Nanopore-only assemblies for genomic surveillance of the global priority drug-resistant pathogen, Klebsiella pneumoniae (doesn’t seem ready for outbreak surveillance)
It matters who does science


COVID-19 Is No Longer an Official Emergency. Is That the Right Call? (excellent)
America Is Forgetting the Lessons of the Covid Health Emergency
Anderson Cooper, company man
D.C. Public Schools Unlawfully Awarded $270 Million Worth Of Contracts
We Worked on the U.S. Pandemic Response. Here Are 13 Takeaways for the Next Health Emergency.
Declining access to COVID-19 services will worsen health disparities
Google Neural Net “AI” Is About To Destroy Half The Independent Web
RFK Jr.: Ron DeSantis invited me to breakfast, said he wanted to burn the NIH “to the ground”
The ‘Stop the Steal’ Judge Who Wants a Seat on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court
Anti-science conspiracies pose new threats to US biomedicine in 2023
Progressives Want to Stop a Planned Tax Break for Big Land Deals to Reverse Bowser’s Budget Cuts
Manchin attacked EPA’s new rules. They could cost him millions. (I will never understand why the administration doesn’t use this to leverage massive concessions from him)
Police Unions Are Spitting in the Face of Solidarity. A Florida anti-union bill reminds us why we need to kick cops out of the labor movement.
Cat and dog torture videos litter Twitter, adding to concerns about moderation
Florida rejects Holocaust education textbooks in clampdown on ‘woke’ instruction
Licht’s Dispassion Punch
CNN’s Trump town hall was a fascist ritual
Pamela Paul, Cancel Culture Grifters, and the Republic of Letters
Tuberville defends hold on defense nominations, says Pentagon wrong to screen out white nationalists
Nobody Cares About Homeless People Until They Die
Was It Lawful For Daniel Penny To Kill Jordan Neely?
The two faces of Nancy Mace were on display at House GOP’s Biden news conference
The South Carolina Republican flirts with conspiracy theories one minute and portrays herself as a sensible conservative the next.
AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are
GOP rep: Party will ‘blow crap up’ if Biden takes 14th Amendment route. To hear one Republican tell it, the GOP will “blow crap up” if the White House circumvents them on the debt ceiling. That’s not as scary as it sounds.
Feinstein’s Health Crisis Goes Back Farther than We Knew. Staff for the high-ranking Democrat have for years had a system to keep her from walking the halls of Congress alone, sources tell Rolling Stone

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