Links 5/15/23

Links for you. Science:

Extreme differences in SARS-CoV-2 viral loads among respiratory specimen types during presumed pre-infectious and infectious periods
Pigs in the City
Fine young cannibals: locust study could lead to better pest control
Mild/Asymptomatic Maternal SARS-CoV-2 Infection Leads to Immune Paralysis in Fetal Circulation and Immune Dysregulation in Fetal-Placental Tissues
Omicron Spike confers enhanced infectivity and interferon resistance to SARS-CoV-2 in human nasal tissue
High Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Infection Despite High Seroprevalence, Sweden, 2022


The biggest mistake moderate Democrats are making is that they are governing to preserve institutional credibility while hoping that Trumpism will blow over, rather than preparing with grim fortitude for a society-wide confrontation with a fascist movement playing for keeps. (must-read)
Bad Manors: The McMansion as harbinger of the American apocalypse (very good)
You Have to Grind This Motherfucker Down: The only correct way to interview This Guy has never been tried.
Savvy Beltway Reporters’ Debt Ceiling Duplicity: Axios, CNBC, and Punchbowl News work to normalize Republican legislative terrorism.
Op-Ed: Tax Rideshare Companies on Downtown Trips, and Use the Revenue to Fund Better Public Transit
Identity Politics vs. Identity Office Politics
Pamela Paul, Cancel Culture Grifters, and the Republic of Letters
Clarence Thomas Can’t Undermine the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court Fast Enough
Why Trump Was Found Liable for Sexual Assault but Not Rape
Inside the Trump-CNN Thunderdome: On CNN, it sure looked like Trump won over the crowd during his town hall interview with Kaitlan Collins. But the reality was different in the room—and in the state of New Hampshire.
Clarence Thomas apologists should take a lesson from Justice Kagan
Democrats Do Not Have Time to Make Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Mistake: Part of responsible stewardship of political power is doing everything you can to accomplish something with it.
Maybe That Trump Guy Has Some New And Intriguing Ideas
E. Jean Carroll Won, But the Country May Still Lose
Donald Trump Could Well Be The President Again (where I disagree is that Trump is disliked, to say the least, while Biden is viewed as a disappointment; there’s a difference)
Bowser Is Proposing An Unprecedented Limit On D.C.’s Public Arts Budget. Theater Leaders Are Worried
Dianne Feinstein’s Return Is a Ghoulish Spectacle
As Platforms Decay, Let’s Put Users First
My company introduced a four-day workweek. Guess what happened?
Former Guess Who drummer on life support, family calls for return to mask requirements at health-care centres (pandemic is over tho)
Choose Your Fighters
Music Streaming Has a $2 Billion Fraud Problem That Goes Beyond AI
Turn It Off
The Head of CNN Thinks It’s Journalism’s Job to “Make News.” That’s a Problem.
RFK Jr. says he will ‘make the border impervious’ if elected as Title 42 is set to expire (he’s not a ‘liberal’, not at all)

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