Links 5/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Review suggests fecal transplant more effective than antibiotics for recurrent C diff
Reviewer comment on NSF fellowship application sparks outrage on Twitter
An estimate of pediatric lives saved due to non-pharmacologic interventions during the early COVID-19 pandemic
Illumina unveils plans to cut costs as it faces shrinking margins
The Quest for Longevity Is Already Over
Scientists launch manhunt for Ohio Covid patient of 2 years whose virus is so mutated it could spark ‘concerning’ outbreak


New York Times Magazine Interview With Dr. Fauci: Science Fiction
King Roberts: The chief justice’s latest trick to ward off oversight is the ploy of a royal, not a judge.
Corrupt Systems
Once again, rural conservatives want government to bail them out
Apperance of Impropriety
Half of Michigan’s Republican senators vote to retain ban on cohabitation by unmarried couples (weirdos)
Only Old Movie Stars Matter to Moviegoers
U.S. Supreme Court justices take lavish gifts — then raise the bar for bribery prosecutions
‘More than half of my paycheck goes to rent’: young US doctors push to unionize
Lindsey Graham Wants a National Abortion Ban. Here’s What He Overlooks.
COVID will eventually evade one of the few treatments for those infected and cause deaths to ‘easily double,’ former White House advisor Deborah Birx says (yes, it’s Birx, but she’s not wrong here)
The analyst who saw through 2022’s red mirage has a prediction for Biden 2024
The Ejection of Tucker Carlson Is a Classic “Reverse Ferret” by Rupert Murdoch
How Scalia Law School Became a Key Friend of the Court
ABC News edits RFK Jr. interview to exclude ‘false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines’
Of Course We’re Fucking Gleeful Over Tucker Carlson Being Fired. Do You Blame Us?
Did You Guys Notice
$30K and a Cushy Italian Trip From a Clout-Chasing Law School? “Fantastico!” Says Gorsuch
Arts and Crafts
Donald Trump’s defense attorney in rape trial may have accidentally revealed the motive
‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead
My Profane, Revealing Year Working for Tucker Carlson
Masks come off in the last refuge for mandates: The doctor’s office
Twitter’s former CEO has a new app that looks a lot like Twitter
John Leguizamo’s New Show Highlights Mount Pleasant, D.C. Region’s Diverse Latino Culture
Thomas Helped Kill Eviction Ban Threatening Benefactor’s Business

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