Links 4/29/23

Links for you. Science:

COVID could increase risk of developing diabetes by up to 22%, Canadian study shows (paper here)
Humpback Whales Enjoy ‘Spa’ Time Together On The Ocean Floor
Las Vegas Strip Has a Scary Covid-Created ‘Fatal Fungus’ Problem. The pandemic created the perfect conditions for a deadly new problem, and Nevada’s entire congressional delegation wants help from the CDC.
Weird SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in mink suggests hidden source of virus in the wild: The lineage had not been seen in the area for over two years. (paper here)
UC Irvine biologists discover bees to be brew masters of the insect world
The heightened risk of autoimmune diseases after Covid


Mainstream media outlets are ignoring the Christian nationalism behind the push to destroy the federal civil service: “Schedule F” is a late-Trump-era policy that could potentially give a conservative president the ability to fire 20,000 career staffers
A Far-Right Moms Group Is Terrorizing Schools in the Name of Protecting Kids. Moms for Liberty has targeted teachers, administrators, parents, and school board members, orchestrating harassment campaigns that have left people fearing for their safety—and in some cases, their lives.
Making Arkansas worse again
Gianforte’s son one of many lobbying governor against trans bills
Does Rent Control Turn Tenants Into NIMBYs?
The Biden White House Is Better Off Without Susan Rice
The Online Racists Stealing Military Secrets. Jack Teixiera’s turn from online racist to alleged classified-document leaker shouldn’t be surprising
This professor is a global coronavirus expert. Now he has long COVID
Dwyane Wade and the toll of anti-trans rhetoric
Make Parking Impossible
A Congestion Charge Could Be Coming For Rideshare Trips In And Out Of Downtown D.C.
How journalists can cover RFK Jr.’s antivax presidential run responsibly
As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School
Mass Shooter in the Making
They Don’t Believe In Anything They Claim To Believe In
They waited decades for D.C. housing aid. Will changes finally bring relief?
Haven’t we learned yet? Harsher penalties won’t save us from fentanyl
Harry Belafonte Was a Winter Soldier Of the Highest Order When His Country Needed Him Most
The covid public health emergency is ending: it now joins the ordinary emergency that is American health
Checked Out
No, You Are: Jonah Goldberg’s politics of resentment
Florida’s conservative chief justice once affirmed abortion protections (he won’t find it hypocritical to change his mind as he hints–and will do–he would argue the legislature has clarified the intent of the privacy amendment)
Wonder and Awe in Natural History’s New Wing. Butterflies, Too.
Inside a private portal from GOP campaigns to local news sites
Massachusetts Legislature, hostile to rent control, includes more landlords than renters

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