Links 4/21/23

Links for you. Science:

‘Arcturus,’ a COVID variant sweeping India, is now in the U.S., the CDC says—and it’s coming in hot. What it means for the future of the pandemic
You’re less likely to get long COVID after a second infection than a first (4% down to 2.4%–which is still high; original here)
Long COVID and risk of erectile dysfunction in recovered patients from mild to moderate COVID-19
This systematic review and meta analysis on mask harms has gone viral recently as it purports to show negative impacts of masking on various pathological factors. It is, unfortunately, filled with serious errors and issues.
From defaults to databases: parameter and database choice dramatically impact the performance of metagenomic taxonomic classification tools
Trendy “raw water” source under bird’s nest sparks diarrheal outbreak. Health officials would like to remind you that drinking untreated water is a bad idea.


COVID-19 lockdown revisionism
N.Y.C. Life Expectancy Dropped 4.6 Years in 2020, Officials Say
Staffer alleged in complaint that state Rep. Bryan Slaton had sex with Capitol intern
Women Need Julie Su as Our Next Labor Secretary. The Labor Movement Is Ready to Fight for Her
Dog Shit Pundits
What is the child care crisis, exactly?
“Invisibility” reviewed by The New York Times!
Republicans argue Alvin Bragg, the district attorney, has allowed a crime crisis to flourish in New York. But data shows that, after a pandemic spike, crime is down slightly in the city.
Oklahoma sheriff, commissioner, accused of discussing killing a reporter and returning to Black hangings
Some Face Homelessness When Leaving Foster Care, Despite D.C. Having Housing Vouchers To Help Them
USPS is raising rates again. It’s still a global bargain.
Dianne Feinstein’s Health and the Judicial Confirmation Crunch
Maps present a distorted view of the world, but it’s a lot worse than you think
Clarence Thomas enters the danger zone
Draft Visionary Metro Bus Network (seems to entrench much of Ward 3 and Ward 4 as car-dependent)
The abortion-pill ruling will make abortions as harrowing as possible
Get Off Your Damn Phone: A call for a universal social norm of actually socializing.
How megadonors circumvent laws to give huge checks to politicians
Less Cars, More Money: My Visit to the City of the Future (don’t agree with everything but worth a read)
Hartman Rock Garden (1932-44), Springfield, OH
The Defacing Of A Paul Robeson Mural On U Street NW Sparks Outrage
Colorful Koi Fish Swim Through the Street Drainage Canals in This Japanese City
More Flexible Zoning Helps Contain Rising Rents: New data from 4 jurisdictions that are allowing more housing shows sharply slowed rent growth
It’s Simple: The Senate Judiciary Committee Must Subpoena Clarence Thomas Now
Supermajority gerrymandering: This variant of a major bug in democracy gives supermajority power to a minority of voters
Squirrel! Here are the winners from the 2023 squirrel photo contest.

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