Links 4/15/23

Links for you. Science:

Real-world effectiveness of primary series and booster doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine against Omicron BA.2 variant infection in China: a retrospective cohort study
Toward a Universal Definition of Post–COVID-19 Condition—How Do We Proceed?
Snake Discovered That Actually Does Cartwheels, And We Have Pics to Prove It
‘Bees are sentient’: inside the stunning brains of nature’s hardest workers
A new approach to a Covid-19 nasal vaccine shows early promise
The evolution of SARS-CoV-2


David Crosby died after contracting COVID-19, Graham Nash says
Texas abortion pill ruling threatens FDA
Six Ways Existing Economic Models Are Killing the Economy
What we can learn from the Midwestern war against the Klan 100 years ago
It’s Not ‘Deaths of Despair.’ It’s Deaths of Children.
It’s time for Clarence Thomas to come clean
Prisoners of Their Own Device
Two Alabama districts show stark divide in pandemic’s toll on schools
The myth of ‘woke’ indoctrination of students
Seattle, hit by tech cuts and pandemic, tries to reboot
Assembling A Crime Wave: An inside look at manufacturing the news
Ashtrays, minus the cigarettes, return to homes
Why Are (White) Men So Unambitious?
Republican politicians embrace another killer: It’s time for the news media to start accurately portraying the GOP as objectively pro-crime
New Mexico Is Losing a Form of Spanish Spoken Nowhere Else on Earth
Join the Revolution, Tech Bro
Peter Calthorpe Has a Plan for More Housing in California
Just Vote
Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it’s Republican quicksand.
Two friends were denied care after Florida banned abortion. One almost died.
Former DCRA Director Accused in Whistleblower Lawsuits Is Back
Republicans still have a lot of questions to answer about the Tennessee House
You may recall Florida’s vaccine analysis which claimed that mRNA vaccines are associated with increased risk of cardiac death in young men… Earlier drafts tell a dramatically different story.
Roger Daltrey says The Who may never tour the US again: “Touring has become very difficult since COVID”
Conspiracy theorists made Tiffany Dover into an anti-vaccine icon. She’s finally ready to talk about it.
Findings on Summer Learning Loss Often Fail to Replicate, Even in Recent Data

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