Links 4/14/23

Links for you. Science:

Marburg outbreak grows with concerning geographic spread in Equatorial Guinea
Spider Solidarity: Scientists Discover New Species With Unprecedented Social Behavior
Asian swamp eels spread in the Everglades. ‘Potentially the worst species we’ve had yet’
Cockroach Sex Took a Strange Turn. Now More Mutations Have Emerged.
Bacterial defences interact synergistically by disrupting phage cooperation
Live-attenuated vaccine sCPD9 elicits superior mucosal and systemic immunity to SARS-CoV-2 variants in hamsters


NPR Was Twitter’s Example Of What Should NOT Be Labeled ‘State-Affiliated Media.’ Then Musk Added The Label And Retconned The Policy
Billionaire linked to Sarah Ferguson accused of financing sex trafficking ring (Harlan Crow’s brother…)
A Zealot Judge Has Ordered a Nationwide Abortion Pill Ban
Ben Ferencz, last living Nuremberg prosecutor, dies at 103
The Movement That Made Brandon Johnson Mayor of Chicago
There’s lots of talk about millionaires leaving Massachusetts. But will they?
Caitlin Clark’s Lesson for White Athletes: Don’t Be a MAGA Pawn. When given the lucrative chance to demonize a rival player, Clark chose a different path.
As burnout mounts, push for a four-day work week grows
North Dakota Senate Votes To Expand Free Meals For Its Members — And Not For Kids. Lawmakers killed a bill to give free lunches to more K-12 students but passed legislation to boost meal reimbursements for state employees.
The power of a name — and the lack thereof. On April 19, antivaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will kick off his presidential campaign in Boston. No, thank you!
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Convinced People To Distrust Vaccines. Now He’s Running For President. Unvaccinated children who were sickened and, in some cases, killed by COVID-19 are Kennedy’s real “legacy,” one critic told HuffPost.
The circus animals’ desertion
Arkansas House wants you to show ID to use social media
Elon’s Blue Period
How the Capitol Police enabled the Jan. 6 attack: A story no one wants to touch
In a Biden-DeSantis Race, All Politics Will Be Local
Why Kids Aren’t Falling in Love With Reading
The worst federal judge in America now has a name
Ron Johnson says he decided to seek reelection to advocate for the ‘vaccine injured’
The Men Who Ruin Us
Is Economics Self-Correcting? There are more economists doing useful real-world work. But the closer you get to the pinnacle of the profession, the less has changed.
The Anti-Abortion Movement Will Sacrifice Anything to Control Women
Global warming, home runs, and the future of America’s pastime
Federal Reserve Independence Is the Problem
How Texas’ ban on an abortion harmed my health in Massachusetts
The Gambler Who Beat Roulette
How Models Get the Economy Wrong

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