Links 4/7/23

Links for you. Science:

From individual behaviors to collective outcomes: fruiting body formation in Dictyostelium as a group-level phenotype
A novel pan-sarbecovirus vaccine candidate neutralizes Omicron BQ.1.1 and XBB subvariants
Indoor air surveillance and factors associated with respiratory pathogen detection in community settings in Belgium
Immunogenicity of Omicron BA.1-adapted BNT162b2 vaccines; randomized trial, 3 months follow-up
Adeno-associated virus type 2 in US children with acute severe hepatitis
A new flu is spilling over from cows to people in the U.S. How worried should we be?


How Did No-Mandate Sweden End Up With Such an Average Pandemic?
Pretending To Believe People Who Pretend To Believe Things
The Twitter I Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore
Come to Florida for the Low Taxes, Stay for the Climate Disaster
D.C.’s Shoe? An Oral History Of The District’s Obsession With New Balance
Stevie Nicks postpones Northern California concerts due to COVID
Looting, Stealing, Destroying: How Russia Weaponized Art Theft
Chicago’s Election Will Shape the Future of Public Safety in America
Stumpy steals the hearts of thousands at the Tidal Basin
The West Coast Think Tank Helping to Orchestrate DeSantis’s War on the Woke
Convincing Gen Z to work in the federal government
Lamar Jackson’s Sin: Not Playing Their Game
The tragic, preventable reasons syphilis is surging among U.S. infants
One of America’s Worst Judges Just Gutted a Key Part of Obamacare
Juvenile justice should focus on rehabilitation not punishment
Trump’s Indictment Will Dominate the 2024 Election
Democrats Slashed Medicaid and Food Assistance Because We Didn’t Fight
Single-Stair Layouts Are Not Going to Fix the Housing Crisis
The Oscars’ Bold Bid to Boost Theaters
Manifest Destiny in Space
Netflix & the Most Valuable Real Estate in Hollywood
“Political Immaturity”
The Abduction of Evan Gershkovich
Positively BEGGING You: Spammed with demands from the Democrats
Biden’s Private Ukraine Deadline: The D.C. foreign policy establishment is growing restless as the Biden White House resists calls to articulate a more specific strategy if Ukraine fails to make significant gains by the fall.

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