Links 4/6/23

Links for you. Science:

World’s Largest Organism Is Slowly Being Eaten
One Head, 1,000 Rear Ends: The Tale of a Deeply Weird Worm
The genetic and ecological landscape of plasmids in the human gut
S:D614G and S:H655Y are gateway mutations that act epistatically to promote SARS-CoV-2 variant fitness
Long COVID exercise trials proposed by NIH raise alarm
Possible culprit identified in outbreak of severe liver damage cases in children


Chicago’s election will shape the future of public safety in America
Heather McDonald’s on-stage collapse became anti-vaccine fodder, but she’s alive and joking. McDonald, like a half-dozen other people whose medical events are shown in the trailer for the anti-vaccine film “Died Suddenly,” did not die as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine.
The Great Medicaid Purge begins
Senators Alarmed By Use of Rent-Setting Algorithm, Say It’s Helping Drive Inflation
Hollywood to End COVID-19 Safety Agreement That Enabled Pandemic-Era Return to Work
D.C. Has Been Giving Residents ‘Mini-Grants’ For Violence Prevention. Here’s How They’re Using Them
Hollywood Pretends There Is No Pandemic: Hollywood is abandoning covid precautions everywhere but black tie events.
Trump Indictment: “The Blows Are Coming from Everywhere, and He Is up Against Many Better Boxers”
Kentucky’s new anti-trans horror signals a need for blue-state havens
Hush money to a porn star: of course this was how Trump was indicted
Savor the moment: For once Trump and his asshole fans can’t pretend to be above it all
The NCAA wouldn’t pull its Final Fours from Texas, so I’m staying home
Lingering symptoms suggest rise in “medium COVID-19” (redefining long COVID down…)
Flexible Scheduling for Teachers Emerges as a Budget Season Request
What We Talk About When We Talk About Trans Rights. Masha Gessen on the public discourse over trans identity, the real reasons for the culture war over gender, and how well-meaning people can do better.
Computer Chronicles Revisited Special No. 11 — The Mattel Electronics Horse Race Analyzer
Jimmy Carter Took on the Awful Guinea Worm When No One Else Would — And Triumphed
Who Wants to Teach in Florida? Gov. Ron DeSantis’s culture warmongering has helped produce the highest teacher vacancy rates in the country.
Tate-Pilled: What a generation of boys have found in Andrew Tate’s extreme male gospel.
Congressman calls D.C. schools ‘inmate factories,’ and unites a city
What did Congressman Andy Ogles do with nearly $25,000 meant for child burial garden? He won’t say
COVID legacy: More deaths than births in Alabama
“They banned Dolly”: Republicans want the dumbest parent at the school to control the curriculum
The New York Times is trying to legitimize Republican retaliation for the Trump indictment. Don’t fall for it.
Harvard Tells Grad Students to Get Food Stamps to Supplement The Unlivable Wages It Pays Them

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