Links 3/20/23

Links for you. Science:

The Case for Free-Range Lab Mice
Wash Your Hands and Pray You Don’t Get Sick
Adapt or die: how the pandemic made the shift from EBM to EBM+ more urgent
A cross-sectional, multicenter survey of the prevalence and risk factors for Long COVID
Bivalent booster effectiveness against severe COVID-19 outcomes in Finland, September 2022 — January 2023
SARS-CoV-2 Exposure in Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus) from New York City


On the Right’s Call to “Eradicate Transgenderism” (It Means Exactly What You Think It Means)
Silicon Valley Bank collapses, in biggest failure since financial crisis
Noncompete clauses are everywhere, even for dancers and hair stylists
The Demise of Silicon Valley Bank: The Rapid Collapse of the 16th Largest Bank in America
Startup Bank Had a Startup Bank Run. One problem for Silicon Valley Bank is that its customers had too much cash, and now they don’t.
My mom died while I was covering covid. It changed my views on grief.
Did a 21st-century pharmacy really just cave to the threat of a 19th-century antiabortion law?
Traute Lafrenz Page, member of White Rose anti-Nazi resistance, dies at 103
A tiny street in Dorchester is a magnet for street violence. Police say one house is the source of so much trouble.
Biden makes moves foreshadowing campaign to come, angering some liberals
After T slowdown, more questions about track safety (doing worse than WMATA…)
Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates, documents and insiders reveal
In the ’60s, a gay couple made their Worcester home into a refuge of art and community
The Collapse Of Silicon Valley Bank Is Testing Tech’s Loudest Evangelists
Republicans are systematically destroying democracy — and replacing it with strongman authoritarianism
So You Want to Turn an Office Building Into a Home?
Consider my priors unchanged
How to Take Back Control of What You Read on the Internet
As food aid program winds down, another piece of the COVID-era safety net gets snipped away
The Ugly Elitism of the American Right
Disinformation Is Not the Real Problem With Democracy
The Topic Biden Keeps Dodging: With the exception of abortion rights, the president is working to downplay or defuse almost all cultural issues.
Biden set to appoint mass foreclosure cheerleader to the Fed
When Suburbs Go to War With Transit: A battle over building a housing development near a Baltimore light rail station illustrates why it’s so hard to make viable public transportation in the suburbs.
The Next Big I.P.O. Scramble? Fifty years ago, DLJ changed Wall Street forever by altering the conventional wisdom as the first private investment bank to go public in an I.P.O. It set off a tidal wave of followers. Now, is Big Law ready for its moment? (what could possibly go wrong?)
House Republicans plan to crush your retirement savings

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