Links 3/17/23

Links for you. Science:

For the First Time, Genetically Modified Trees Have Been Planted in a U.S. Forest
Efficacy of Cetylpyridinium Chloride mouthwash against SARS-CoV-2: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
One-Year Adverse Outcomes Among US Adults With Post–COVID-19 Condition vs Those Without COVID-19 in a Large Commercial Insurance Database
How U.S. officials cracked mystery of eyedrops that blinded people across country
Exposure to diverse sarbecoviruses indicates frequent zoonotic spillover in human communities interacting with wildlife
Python invasion has exploded out of the Everglades and into nearly all of southern Florida, new map shows


Biden Hands the Covid Response to the Private Market, Endangering Us All
What’s the Point of Pundits?
A New York Times guest essay exposes the Times’ own biases: Why is the world’s most prestigious opinion section mimicking a subpar right-wing college newspaper?
Hey, D.C., a Pretty Famous Guy Named Thomas Jefferson Had Some Thoughts about Home Rule
Students switch up college plans as states pass anti-LGBTQ laws
The Republican Child Labor Agenda
Pete Buttigieg Is Still Playing
Another Day, Another Blatant Attack On The 1st Amendment From The Florida GOP
Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers
Man beats machine at Go in human victory over AI
Readers on the “Lab Leak Theory” #7
Once and for all: Masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID
The QAnon ‘Meme Queen’ Wants Trump To Help Her Convicted Pedophile Son
Wear a respirator, not a cloth or surgical mask, to protect against respiratory viruses
‘Invest In People:’ Residents Call For More Mental Health, Trauma-Focused Solutions To Gun Violence
Fundamental errors of data collection & validation undermine claims of ‘Ideological Intensification’ made by the National Association of Scholars
Housing Authority Director Brenda Donald Received $41,250 Bonus
Brad Raffensperger Is Just Another Republican Vote Suppressor
House Republicans’ “Marquee” Energy Plan Reheats Tired Ideas
The Governator stuns with a 12-minute speech against fascism that’s a must-see
The Hardest Day Of Elon’s Life
Now that the DALL-E has been successfully midjourneyfied, it is becoming apparent that instead of simulating all possible ›styles‹, AI is fostering the emergence of a distinct visual style, born out of popular aesthetic preferences dominating platforms like DeviantArt
Senate Votes To Block D.C. Criminal Code Bill, Clearing Way For First Congressional Disapproval In Decades
Can American Jewish Support for Israel Survive This New Government?
Senate To Vote Wednesday On D.C.’s Criminal Code Bill, Likely Handing The City A Significant Defeat (the Senate did, but this provides good context and information)
The Staffers We’ve Been Waiting For…
How long does Twitter have left? I give it six months before bankruptcy

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