Links 3/2/23

Links for you. Science:

What Are Viroids? Taking A Peek At The World’s Smallest Pathogens
Yes, fungus can eat your house. Here’s what to know.
Pythons are snacking on GPS-wearing opossums that give up their locations
This Rare Asteroid May Be Worth 70,000 Times the Global Economy. Now NASA Is Sending a Spaceship to Explore It.
How COVID-19 Changes the Heart—Even After the Virus Is Gone
Impact of microbial genome completeness on metagenomic functional inference


Want to Fix Public Health? Stop Thinking Like a Doctor. Public health requires seeing the world from a collective perspective, but US agencies are still dominated by doctors trained to work on an individual level. (yep)
As Wu policies alarm the real estate industry, business leaders turn to Healey (oh noes! Affordable housing!)
Russians abandon wartime Russia in historic exodus
Florida Mulls ‘Classical’ Christian Alternative To SAT And ACT Testing
Don’t wait for AI search. Get better results with what you have now.
Actor Richard Belzer, Who Played ‘Law & Order’ Detective, Has Died
How America’s first — and only — Black automakers defied the odds
How Climate Change Is Making Tampons (and Lots of Other Stuff) More Expensive
How Bruce Willis went from last-ditch casting to action icon in ‘Die Hard’
Republican Policies Are More And More Frequently Hurting Republican Voters
There is only one way to rein in Republican judges: Shaming them.
Ellen Barkin Worked On A Number Of Toxic Sets. Then Came ‘Poker Face.’
Contradictions within economic theory. All well known but still important and, I think, not taken as seriously as they should be.
Oregon Weighing Nation’s Most Comprehensive Law To Crack Down On Paramilitary Groups
‘People are leaving’: Massachusetts has lost 110,000 residents since COVID began. Is life better out there? (see the first item…)
Did politics scrub ‘systemic’ from AP African American studies plan?
How The Melding Of American Politics And Reality TV Broke Our Moral Compass
Does finding the edge on a roll of tape drive you crazy? An Arlington entrepreneur designed a solution.
The problems in the pipes. As government at every level tries to untangle generations of systemic failure, residents in Jackson, Miss., still have no reliable water
‘Daily Show’ Guest Sarah Silverman Rips Nikki Haley’s Love For 1 Hateful Pastor
Smaller, safer, cheaper? Modular nuclear plants could reshape coal country
Christopher Rufo Claims a Degree from “Harvard.” Umm … Not Quite
Our system doesn’t act even when we agree. That’s killing us.
The New York Times can’t stop doubling down on its dangerous obsession with trans people
Students speak up for Palm Beach Atlantic University professor in danger of losing job of 21 years

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