Bret ‘Bretbug’ Stephens Lacks Basic Reading Comprehension, and His Editors…

…aren’t just useless, but ideologically motivated. Stephens, whose very first op-ed piece–the one you have plenty of time to perfect–had to be corrected due to massive factual errors, has turned his hand to mask wearing. You’ll never what happened next! Stephens:

From the paper Stephens discussed:


This is not stupidity or incompetence, though it is a breakdown of journalistic ethics by the editorial staff. This is intentional. It’s perhaps the oldest trick in the anti-science book, one so often used by creationists and anti-vaccine twerps: misrepresent the scientific literature because you know most readers will not check the primary literature. This is what liars do, and unless you are the bundle of psychological disorders known as George Stanos/Kitara Ravache, it is not impulsive, it is deliberate.

Utterly disgusting. Between this and the mainstreaming of anti-trans bigotry, I’m tempted to cut the NY Times cord completely (I’ve already scaled back from the paper edition to the much cheaper online edition).

Time for a blogger ethics panel!

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4 Responses to Bret ‘Bretbug’ Stephens Lacks Basic Reading Comprehension, and His Editors…

  1. noddin0ff says:


  2. John says:

    Do you have a reason for not headlining this post, “Bret `Bretbug’ Stephens Lies,…”?

  3. hipparchia says:

    i have never been a fan of cochrane, and i’m even less of one now, and much as i hate to think it, i’m not sure you can entirely blame bretbug for this one

    no matter who says what, i’m still a fan of masks and mask mandates.

  4. imagine if all the $ that is squandered on subscriptions to the NYT was spent on Current Affairs, Democracy Now, The Nation, or any competent independent news organization. I encourage you to cancel your subscription to the NYT, tell them why, and send that $ to whichever news org you judge worthy.

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