Links 2/21/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists discover receptor that blocks COVID-19 infection
If you feel sick, is it likely to be a new COVID variant or something else?
Young people are more likely to die of heart attacks post-COVID, study finds. But why? A recent study found that heart attacks in people ages 25 to 44 increased by 30% compared to the expected number over the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. (absolutely astonishing a mainstream outlet would cover this)
Cockatoos Know How to Pick the Right Tools for the Job
Inherited Differences In Antibody Genes May Explain Variable Responses To Covid-19 Infection (file this under ‘interesting hypothesis with extremely preliminary data and small sample sizes’)
The WHO fungal priority pathogens list as a game-changer


Chat GPT Is Coming for Hollywood
Musk follows divide-the-nation-for-profit model, raking in ad revenues via restored far-right trolls
Hollywood’s Off Year for Movies
Exposing the Secretive and Sinister Work of McKinsey & Co.
Big Play: My rookie season in fantasy football
How The Financial Industry’s ‘White Wall’ Maintains the Racial Wealth Gap
Line in the Sand: Handmaidens of dystopia in the Saudi Arabian desert
Thoughts & Tears for Tyre
This isn’t Obama’s White House: Why Republicans no longer get the benefit of the doubt.
What Noise Pollution Is Doing To Us
Call the “woke busters”: Ron DeSantis sends volunteer army to snatch books from students’ hands
No one wants masks, but we still need them to keep Covid at bay
I had ChatGPT write a Decemberists song
After helping prince’s rise, Trump and Kushner benefit from Saudi funds
Bernie Sanders has a new role. It could be his final act in Washington.
Here’s how D.C. is changing what is taught in social studies
‘We Ain’t Gonna Get It’: Why Bernie Sanders Says His ‘Medicare for All’ Dream Must Wait
A dog was lost for 36 hours. Then it rang an animal shelter’s doorbell.
Bombshell Emails Raise Questions about What Sullivan & Cromwell Knew about Fraud at Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Firms
Only 5 House members have ever been expelled. Here’s who they were.
And Now, the Republicans Are the Party of Defending Businesses That Rip People Off
In Australia’s Outback, a controversial cash crop is booming: Carbon
It’s Time To Codify The ‘NY Times v. Sullivan’ Standard Into Law
There Are Very Strange Things Going On at Goldman Sachs

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