Links 2/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Incidence and predictors of breakthrough and severe breakthrough infections of SARS-CoV-2 after primary series vaccination in adults: A population-based survey of 22,575 participants
Fecal virome transplantation is sufficient to alter fecal microbiota and drive lean and obese body phenotypes in mice
Evolutionary rate of SARS-CoV-2 increases during zoonotic infection of farmed mink
Essential insects in East Asia have declined massively, study finds
Shaking Ordinary Ice (Very Hard) Transformed It Into Something Never Seen Before
When Your Old Fishing Buddy Has a Snout and a Blowhole


Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t
The Economic Response to the Pandemic Proved We Can Have Nice Things
Chait Has Always Been Like This
Wake up, Corporate America: You can’t bribe, threaten, or feed people to get them back in the office
Eric Trump tourmate claims Jewish people are frauds and “Hitler was actually fighting the same people that we’re trying to take down today”
Praising the 9/11 Terrorists’ Principled Dedication? That’s Your “Are We the Baddies?” Moment.
Don’t Let Republican ‘Judge Shoppers’ Thwart the Will of Voters
How Judge-Shopping Has Turned the Judiciary into a Rubber Stamp for Nonsense
Florida student-athletes ask why they should be forced to inform schools about menstrual cycles
A Source Familiar With Donald Trump’s Thinking
Inside the global battle over chip manufacturing
The African American Studies AP Debacle
Can someone who’s never been poor ever truly understand the scars that poverty creates?
Musk Pledged to Cleanse Twitter of Child Abuse Content. It’s Been Rough Going.
There’s a good reason restaurants are struggling to find workers
The $109 Billion Bank Hustle
I’m a corporate fraud investigator. You wouldn’t believe the hubris of the super-rich
Fear And Loathing Among The Union Busters
When D.C. youngsters get paid to work, the entire city prospers
Biden’s coming decision
Excess Mortality Among US Physicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Stop giving one senator a veto over federal judges
Eek, a balloon! How China easily got Republicans to beclown themselves
More Young Americans Are Dying, But Not From Vaccines: The increase started well before Covid-19 shots arrived, according to mortality data, and has plateaued since.
How Libs Can Stop Owning Themselves Online
What ending the emergency actually means
Jim Jordan is about to lead Republicans into a dangerous trap
Why Some Florida Schools Are Removing Books from Their Libraries

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