Links 1/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Study says most long-COVID symptoms resolve by 1 year after mild cases, but experts not so sure (important; the title really downplays the flaws)
First real-world data show Omicron booster kept seniors out of hospitals
Study Pushes Back Smallpox Origins Another 2,000 Years
Roman vs Modern Concrete
Evaluation of taxonomic classification and profiling methods for long-read shotgun metagenomic sequencing datasets
Study explores incidence, severity, and long COVID associations of SARS-CoV-2 reinfections (preprint here)


Progressives eagerly await their chance to harass McCarthy. While Democratic leaders seem content to let Speaker Kevin McCarthy stew in his party’s disarray, liberals are excited to launch a new headache-causing House tool.
What’s standing in the way of wastewater data becoming a more mainstream public health tool
I Am the Last Barrier Between My Sister and New York City
Larry Summers Advised A Possible Crypto Fraudster. Is Anyone Going To Ask Him About It?
The staggering mistake Hamline University made is no isolated incident
With No Burn Center Left In Mississippi, UMMC Faces Questions About Past Efforts (how does an entire state not have a single burn unit?)
Keri Blakinger Is a Figure Skater and a Felon
Rape in Ukraine: Evidence of command responsibility
Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be a mainstream Republican now. Sadly, the media will let it happen. Greene is walking the path laid by the Tea Party, in which today’s extremists become tomorrow’s new GOP normal
A survey of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance across 23 countries in 2022
Routine vaccinations drop among U.S. kindergartners for the third year in a row
Pittsburgh police tell city council to pound sand
TikTok on the Clock
How Euphemistic Corporate Language Aided Purdue Pharma’s Role in the Opioid Crisis
A New Clue in S.B.F.’s Washington Scandal
Why Conservatism Can Never Be “Populist”
Inside Disney’s Covid Soap Opera
Public Libraries Continue to Thrive Despite Defunding and Privatization Attacks
The S.B.F. Chronicles, Part 4: Alameda, We Have a Problem
Even electric self-driving cars may have a climate change problem
Plant biologist on the NIH campus (funny)
Jamie Lee Curtis Tests Positive for COVID After Golden Globes, and Fans are Concerned Awards Show Was Super-Spreader Event
Why nurses say they are striking and quitting in droves
Brazil’s Shocking—but Not Surprising—Attempted Coup
Sick of smelling her neighbor’s legal pot, this woman sued

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