Links 1/19/23

Links for you. Science:

Safety and efficacy of the two doses conjugated protein-based SOBERANA-02 COVID-19 vaccine and of a heterologous three-dose combination with SOBERANA-Plus: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 clinical trial
More than 24K people have reported COVID test results to new NIH website. There may be a bias in who is inclined to report test results, experts say. (I’ve reported all six times)
Who Gets Long COVID and Suffers its Mental Health and Socioeconomic Consequences in the United States? Preliminary Findings from a Large Nationwide Study
CDC to Expand Wastewater Testing for Poliovirus
Where the Bison Could Roam
Spike and nsp6 are key determinants of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1 attenuation


Think the gas stoves chaos is trivial? Think again. Conservatives claim to hate cancel culture but with their latest hysteria over household appliances, Republicans are literally searching for something to be enraged about
The Moral Panic We Cannot Ignore
Was Mary Cheh’s Last Climate Bill a ‘Giveaway’ to the Solar Industry or a Badly Needed Lifeline?
Conservative Dems Have Failed Miserably In NY— But They Blame Their Shortcomings On Progressives
‘Lost their minds’: Missouri Dems cry foul over GOP-proposed dress code for female state lawmakers
House Republicans Can’t Even Tolerate the Word Labor
The Lamestream Liberal Media Isn’t Too Interested in Gas Prices Now That They’ve Dropped
You Don’t Know How Bad the Pizza Box Is
The IRS has problems. They aren’t the ones Republicans complain about.
FAA: Data file was damaged by personnel who didn’t follow procedures
Why Can’t They Stop Doing This
The Failures of the January 6 Report
Degrowth Is Not the Answer to Climate Change
Obamacare Is Everywhere in the Unlikeliest of Places: Miami
The Predictable Attack on Brazil’s Democracy. Radical followers of Brazil’s ex-president, Jair Bolsonaro, stormed the government district of Brasilía on Sunday. It was entirely predictable, and raises serious questions about the country’s security forces. (note the role of evangelicals)
Rents Are Still Higher Than Before The Pandemic — And Assistance Programs Are Drying Up
The National Zoo Will Keep Its Online Pass Requirement ‘Indefinitely’ (this sucks)
Residents And Advocates Upset Over Changes To DDOT’s Traffic Safety Request Process
The Mysterious, Unregistered Fund That Raised Big Money for Santos
Republicans’ Denial That They’re Defending Rich Tax Cheats Is Very Fake: Nonexistent study ‘proves’ Biden’s IRS funding won’t audit the wealthy.
After three years of covering covid, I built my own air filter
Generative Art Is Stupid. And that’s how it should be.
Lina Khan: Noncompetes Depress Wages and Kill Innovation
Why is Maura Healey Looking to Help the Super Rich By Raising the Estate Tax Threshold?
COVID Leading Cause of Death Among Law Enforcement for Third Year (pandemic is over though…)

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