Links 1/9/23

Links for you. Science:

Ken Balcomb’s considerable scientific legacy outweighed by movement to save SRKWs he created
Quantitative evaluation of precautions against the COVID-19 indoor transmission through human coughing
Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections and reinfections during the Omicron wave
Rising Risks with COVID Reinfection
Anthony Fauci Quietly Shocked Us All
Comparative effectiveness of third doses of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines in US veterans


‘They’re calling me a survivor’: George Santos’ evolving story of fighting covid
The Year In Tech
Liberals Rose to Fight the Assault on Abortion — but Not Trans Rights
Dead the Long Year
We Live In The Age of The Bullshitter
Bezos’s NFL Dreams and S.B.F.’s First Campaign
How to Destroy a Brand, Musk Style
The S.B.F. Chronicles, Part 2: Schmuck Insurance
Who decides cause of death? It may be a business owner – or an 18-year-old
The Real Santos Shocker
Lifetime Appointments
Muzzled by DeSantis, Critical Race Theory Professors Cancel Courses or Modify Their Teaching
Boondoggle of the Year: Cryptocurrency
More Than 300 People Were Killed On Local Roads In 2022
The Rock and Roll/Movie Magic Blast from the Past Drive-Thru Burger King is Dead, RIP You Irreplaceable Weirdo
The World’s Best Terrible Weather App
White contractors wouldn’t remove Confederate statues. So a Black man did it.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told his law clerks in the ’90s that he wanted to serve for 43 years to make liberals’ lives ‘miserable’
New York Ave and 7th St NW today
In 2014, I was the Chief Business Officer of WhatsApp. And I helped negotiate the $22 billion sale to Facebook. Today, I regret it.
How the marijuana ‘green rush’ fell apart
Kyrsten Sinema and the Myth of Political Independence
The Sahm rule: I created a monster
The Best New Buildings In North America, according to an Urbanist
A Few Questions (and Some Answers) About the Latest Airline Meltdown

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