Links 1/6/23

Links for you. Science:

First “virovore” discovered: An organism that eats viruses (very cool)
Flu, RSV, and COVID: The Pediatric ‘Tripledemic’: Allergist Zachary Rubin, MD, discusses the “staggering” uptick in cases, hospitalizations
Growing pains for wastewater surveillance
Strep A treatment, working for now
The D614G mutation redirects SARS-CoV-2 spike to lysosomes and suppresses deleterious traits of the furin cleavage site insertion mutation
In-Person Schooling and Youth Suicide: Evidence from School Calendars and Pandemic School Closures (suicides went up when kids returned to school)


‘When was it too late?’ Some U.S. Jews wonder about their place in America.
In-Person Schooling and Youth Suicide: Evidence from School Calendars and Pandemic School Closures (someone tell Emily Oster…)
A former star pitcher, his daughter and the reality that homelessness can happen to anyone
Trump’s Brazen Tax Cheating Revealed
How the GOP Learned to Hate the FBI. And why it matters that Democrats and Republicans have switched positions on the national security state.
A newspaper vanished from the internet. Did someone pay to kill it?
We Lost Barbara Ehrenreich in 2022, but We Can’t Lose Sight of Her Visionary American Socialism
Oh No Someone Tried To Put Politics Into My Politics
Is Kari Lake’s Defeat the End of MAGA?
The Main Characters
A Habitable Earth Depends on Lula
Pete Buttigieg’s Day Job. The ambitious transportation secretary has the power to go after multiple abuses by the airlines and signal administration support for suffering consumers. He’s barely touched it.
The January 6 Committee Dropped the Ball When It Failed to Call for Abolition of the Electoral College
It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way
The “Faces” of Black Conservatism Tell Us Everything—About the GOP
I’m So Old
Pete Buttigieg’s Feeble Policy on Flight Cancellations. The transportation secretary could be doing far more with his existing authority. The new DOT rule could make matters worse for consumers.
Santos, a Suburban House and $11,000 in Campaign Payments for ‘Rent’: Representative-elect George Santos, under scrutiny after fabricating much of his résumé, also spent campaign funds on $40,000 worth of air travel.
Rep.-elect George Santos poses a serious risk to the GOP
Why 2023 May Be the Year That Fate Finally Catches Up With Donald Trump
Twitter rival Mastodon rejects funding to preserve nonprofit status
The Myth of the Secret Genius: From Elon Musk to Elizabeth Holmes and Donald Trump, many very rich people are effective at convincing us of a myth: they’re secretly a genius, and you’re just too dumb to understand. Are they right?
McConnell team raised worries about attack on Biden inauguration, ex-NSA O’Brien told Jan. 6 committee
Biden’s 2022 solution to student debt could fall apart in 2023
A Midwestern Homestead on the LES: Steven Hammel has transformed his apartment into a version of his Minnesota childhood home.

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