Links 1/4/22

Links for you. Science:

Why scientists laid ‘murder’ to rest: These insects might be pests, but their names can be even more problematic.
This phage actually spawned a new naming rule
Long COVID: Could mono virus or fat cells be playing roles?
The Webb Telescope Is Just Getting Started
A new variant alert: The XBB.1.5 variant is on a growth spurt in the United States (though some places seem to have non-XBB ‘spurts’; not entirely clear)
Can dogs smell time? Just ask Donut the dog


Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things: Three Decades of Survival in the Desert of Social Media
“Metaverse” means “pivot to video”: Fool me twice, we don’t get fooled again.
Getting Treated for COVID-19 Shouldn’t Be This Difficult
The I.C.U. Nurse: A Symbol of Endurance
How the 14th Amendment Is Democracy’s Leg-Shaped Lamp
January 6 Report: Over the Cliff Notes, Part 1: White Supremacy at the Center of the January 6 Events
Nearly hit by a car? New tool will let students report close calls.
Lithium Fires
D.C.’s bitcoin king: Yachts, penthouses, a python — and tax dodging?
Is the Blockbuster Sequel Worth Saving?
TikTok psychic sued for accusing professor of killing 4 Idaho students
Did the Tesla Story Ever Make Sense?
Here’s who helped Elon Musk buy Twitter
‘Tragic Battle’: On the Front Lines of China’s Covid Crisis
As Russia bombs Ukraine’s infrastructure, its own services crumble
Sounds Bad
Vertical Farming Has Found Its Fatal Flaw. Europe’s energy crisis is forcing companies to switch strategies or close down. The industry’s future hangs in the balance.
Jamie Raskin: electoral college is a ‘danger to the American people’
These Were The Most Popular Books At D.C.-Area Libraries This Year
D.C. Sees Slight Population Increase After Two Years Of Decline
Trapped in the Trenches in Ukraine
The Worthless Billionaires of 2022
George Santos Confessed to Lying, But There’s a Lot More Out There. And It’s Really Weird.
Ukraine update: If NATO wants to send Ukraine a modern tank, this is a good choice
Buffalo’s no stranger to snow. Why was the storm so deadly?

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  1. I live in Buffalo. I was 16 when the Blizzard of 77 hit; I vaguely remember the Blizzard of 66. I remember every other blizzard that has hit our party-happy Go Bills town; the Blizzard of 85 stands out as one of the most fun I ever had.

    I think, for many of us, we’ve gotten so used to this kind of thing, that we just blow it off. “Buffalo Strong” & all that. Also, even though we were all warned about this, lots of times, the weather is made to seem worse than it turns out to be, partly so everyone will go to the stores & buy a lot of stuff; we’re all wise to that one. & then there’s the 50% or more of us who live paycheck to paycheck or social security payment to social security payment. Even if we wanted to go out & stock up, it wasn’t possible. It was the holidays & the last hours before Christmas when the storm hit.

    I could go into other reasons that the response to this storm was so substandard, which concern the current government of the City of Buffalo but I won’t. The county & towns did much better. Where I live, my street was plowed on Christmas Day. I personally was stuck inside my house because the snowdrifts had pushed up against both my doors but a neighbor dug me out when I called out to him. I was glad to finally get out of the house!

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