Links 12/30/22

Links for you. Science:

‘Fluffy’ crab that wears a sponge as a hat discovered in Western Australia
‘Tripledemic’ Rages On: Fever-Filled Weeks Lie Ahead
Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine
First came a viral storm. Now, we have puzzling superinfections.
Poop Analysis Shows Endangered Bears Are Surviving Exclusively on Garbage
Twitter changed science — what happens now it’s in turmoil?


‘These Are Unnecessary Deaths’: Advocates Mourn More Than 70 People Who Died Homeless In D.C. This Year
Antisemitism casts darkness amid Hanukkah lights
She was an ABC News producer. She also was a corporate operative (time for a blogger ethics panel!)
Elon Musk’s Twitter continues to favor right-wing content, reinstating dozens of accounts with millions of combined followers
Bowser Won Her New DCHA Board. Is There Any Reason to Believe It Will Make a Difference?
Even As Congress Says No, The D.C. Council Found A Way To Expand Legal Marijuana Sales
A Slim Majority of Americans Say the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Is Still Necessary. But Will Biden Let It Expire in 2023?
In rural Georgia, an unlikely rebel against Trumpism
Massive measles outbreak threatens India’s goal to eliminate disease by 2023
Woman Burned in Altercation With Neighbor Denied Emergency DCHA Voucher Transfer
Can False Balance Kill You? It Sure Can
The Dangerous Omission in the Jan. 6 Committee’s Report Summary
Why Petulant Oligarchs Rule Our World
This Is What It Looks Like When Twitter Falls Apart
Caught on Camera, Traced by Phone: The Russian Military Unit That Killed Dozens in Bucha
Powerful Democratic Consultants Split With Kyrsten Sinema
Ancient Grammatical Puzzle That Has Baffled Scientists for 2,500 Years Solved by Cambridge University Student
COVID Chaos Unfolds in China
Pandemic response gets a permanent new home at the White House
Michigan librarian goes viral after ripping board over anti-LGBTQ book bans, threats on her life
Money Will Kill ChatGPT’s Magic
George Santos’s Early Life: Odd Jobs, Bad Debts and Lawsuits
D.C. Appeals Court Revives Fight Over Proposed Condo Building On Adams Morgan Plaza
On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Everyone Invoked the Right Not to Self-Incriminate

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