Links 12/20/22

Links for you. Science:

Merck-Moderna mRNA vaccine for melanoma shows promise in study, companies say (remember, this was the original business model, not viruses)
Warning: The NIF fusion facility didn’t really produce a net energy gain
Pathogen genomics study of an early medieval community in Germany reveals extensive co-infections
Longitudinal transcriptional analysis of peripheral blood leukocytes in COVID-19 convalescent donors
The now infamous but not very helpful N95 trial (Loeb 2022)
COVID-19 Impairs Immune Response to Candida albicans


Gilt by Association: On Chanukah and the sweet myths we tell ourselves (excellent, must-read)
Flu, RSV and COVID are wreaking havoc — but teachers don’t feel like they can stay home when they’re sick. Even with paid sick leave, teachers — especially in elementary schools — say staying home creates “more work.”
Insurrectionists ready to ‘cross the Rubicon’ in their ongoing war against American democracy
It’s time for Marjorie Taylor Greene to go
Chappelle audience members explain why they booed Elon Musk
Less Than A Third Of D.C. Nursing Home Residents And Staff Are Up To Date On Their COVID-19 Vaccines
Mpox Cases Sharply Declined In D.C. Region, But Inequities Persist
How Elon botched his war on bots
DIY for healthier holiday air
The GOP has created a safe space for musing about violent rebellion
A DC Homeless Shelter With Many Faces
As some of you may know, if you have any students in your class who identify as Christian, they may ask to be excused from school to observe the Christian holiday of “Christmas,” more popularly referred to as Yom Christmas or Nittel.
Two Years of U.S. COVID-19 Vaccines Have Prevented Millions of Hospitalizations and Deaths
Nobody Who Went To Yale Could Be Bad
The plan to stop a future Trumpist coup moves closer to reality
An intel analyst tried to prevent the Jan. 6 attack — but DHS failed to act
The Department of Homeland Security Seems to Have a Radicalization Problem
Well, well, well…look what just got published in Nature
So THAT’s Why Mark Meadows Fought Congress’ Subpoena
The Most Effective Altruism Of All
Republicans are doing their best to get our military sick
The Allure of San Fran-Sicko. Let’s have some frank conversations about homelessness. No platitudes here.
Gen Z Congressman-Elect Rejected for D.C. Apartment After Campaign Debt Waylays Credit

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