Links 12/10/22

Links for you. Science:

How to think like an aerosol scientist this holiday season to stay healthy
While researchers were exploring hydrothermal vent fields, ROV SuBastian came across this squid that appeared to be brooding eggs.
The polar dinosaurs revealing ancient secrets
Covid hospitalizations rising post-Thanksgiving after an autumn lull
What We Lose If We Lose Science Twitter
Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine Disappointing in First-in-Human Trial


‘Soft landing’ is a terrible name for what’s coming (excellent, must-read)
Emily Oster’s Substack has reached a150K subscribers. To honor her milestone (!) nothing’s more appropriate than a thread of things happening to kids that Oster has yet to bother herself with.
Hunter Biden’s laptop: The right’s pseudo-scandal industry hopes for another big win
The Twitter Files, Explained
Another Hyped “Hunter Biden Laptop” Reveal Flops. Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi said the “Twitter Files” would show a political scandal, but the information itself did the opposite
Non-Religious Voters Wield Clout, Lean Heavily Democratic
Kevin McCarthy reveals exactly how the GOP House will protect Trump
Revolution at the UAW
How The Far Right Is Escaping Biden’s Attempted Crackdown On ‘Ghost Guns’
I’ll say it: I do not think killer robots are a good idea
Dems and GOP unite to sell out the American worker. Maybe we need a Labor Party.
D.C. made a mess of housing the poor. Mayor’s latest move won’t help.
Page Three, 2022
Want to save the whales? Reconsider the lobster, some say.
New Polling Shows Democracy Mattered In The 2022 Midterms
Reddit users turn Kanye West’s page into a Holocaust-awareness forum
How Iowa Democrats could have saved the caucuses
Trump’s call for suspending the Constitution is too dangerous to ignore
Here Come the Crypto Hypocrites: Don’t believe anyone who says the FTX crash was the regulators’ fault.
Even as Ye’s meltdown gets him suspended from Twitter, neo-Nazis like Anglin are creeping back in
A Women’s Policy Giant Struggles Amid New Leadership
Protect women who come to Illinois for abortion services
Housing Authority Commissioners’ Emergency Meeting Thwarted By Website Crash
Effect of Abandoned Housing Interventions on Gun Violence, Perceptions of Safety, and Substance Use in Black Neighborhoods

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