Links 11/24/22

Links for you. Science:

A measles outbreak of unvaccinated children in Ohio continues to spread as experts sound the alarm
The Earth now weighs 6 ronnagrams. What does that mean?
Twitter Was Influential in the Pandemic. Are We Better for It?
The End of Vaccines at ‘Warp Speed’: Financial and bureaucratic barriers in the United States mean that the next generation of Covid vaccines may well be designed here, but used elsewhere.
The return of the American bison is an environmental boon — and a logistical mess
It Looks Like a Shell, but an Octopus and 40,000 Eggs Live Inside


Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Calcified’ Machine Politics Cost Democrats in New York
Only I Can Stop The Robot Apocalypse, And Nothing Else Matters
Fixing the broken lovelies
Thank You For Your Feedback. The community feedback process is an inconvenient annoyance that brings out the worst in people. It is also at the heart of why U.S. cities can’t build new housing or transportation.
Some Nevada Democrats blame party infighting for defeats
Republicans, Fear the Young
Samuel Alito Is Exactly Who You Thought He Was
Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes’ Children Speak
How Democrats Can Build a John Fetterman 2.0
The Real Insulin Stock Collapse
RSV, covid and flu push hospitals to the brink — and it may get worse
John Fetterman and Social Media: How His Campaign Built a Winning Strategy
Popeyes’s pre-roasted turkey might be the Thanksgiving shortcut you need
175 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176
Most Candidates Running on Crime Don’t Have Much Power to Solve It
What Was Blake Masters Aiming At?
The DC Council chair’s visionless vision
‘I’m selling my blood’: millions in US can’t make ends meet with two jobs
Billionaires like Musk, Bankman-Fried didn’t save the world. They wrecked it. Let’s take it back.
World Cup: Qatar won’t allow cooked Kosher food, public Jewish prayer
The Dems’ Sinema Problem. It’s not a question of whether to primary her. She’s unelectable on her own.
Influential People: No amount of evidence will change the mind of a public in deep denial
After Anger Over ‘Whitewashing,’ Virginia Board of Education Asks For Third Rewrite Of History Standards

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