Links 11/22/22

Links for you. Science:

Glass Frog, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Repeated out-of-Africa expansions of Helicobacter pylori driven by replacement of deleterious mutations
Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Among Adolescents Before vs During COVID-19–Related School Closures in China
Efficacy, Effectiveness and Safety of Vaccines Against COVID-19 for Children Aged 5-11 Years: A Living Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis
The Dengue Virus Has Been Found in Arizona. Dengue has been found in native mosquitos and at least one human, suggesting that it could be spreading locally in the state for the first known time.
Integrated genomic surveillance enables tracing of person-to-person SARS-CoV-2 transmission chains during community transmission and reveals extensive onward transmission of travel-imported infections, Germany, June to July 2021


Democrats, Time to Go Big
Hospitals Slammed With ‘Viral Jambalaya’ Of Flu, RSV, COVID-19
Why Democrats Lose When They Ignore the Native Vote
Break up Ticketmaster
New York State Cost Democrats Control of Congress. Will Anyone Be Held Accountable?
The Backlash To Losing Roe v. Wade Is Just Getting Started
America’s Political Crisis Goes Beyond Trump
‘We survived’: Kherson comes alive after Russian withdrawal
Democrats Shouldn’t Take Women Voters for Granted
Is Boston reaching ‘peak lab’? The lab boom is creating another related problem by crowding out critically needed housing construction.
New York Democrats May Have Cost Their Party The House. What Happened?
The ‘don’t be gay’ World Cup
Arizona County Board Delays Certifying Election Results. Decision was made after officials heard from three conspiracy theorists who claimed that the counting machines weren’t certified.
Democratic voters say Democratic fundraising spam is backfiring
How the news media – long in thrall to Trump – can cover his new run for president responsibly
Why Didn’t the Government Stop the Crypto Scam?
What If the Special Counsel Is about Scott Perry, not Just Donald Trump?
Pelosi’s 5 Rules for Reigning Over Congress
Is toxic narcissism transmissible?
Stealthy Kherson resistance fighters undermined Russian occupying forces
Biden administration sidesteps calls to declare RSV a health emergency
What a Corrupt Republican Political Operative’s Conviction Says About the GOP
How To Fight Fascism Before It’s Too Late: If you live in a country where democracy is still intact: Don’t wait.

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