Links 11/21/22

Links for you. Science:

Extreme Heat Will Change Us. Half the world could soon face dangerous heat. We measured the daily toll it is already taking.
An owl twice attacked a Washington woman. A biologist says it’s becoming more common
Deforestation Brings Bat-Borne Virus Home to Roost
Vast illegal trade in turtle species is happening, despite global protections
Claims of an Immunity Debt in Children Owe Us Evidence. As hospitals fill up with sick children, we are told pandemic measures understimulated their immune systems. But where is the evidence?
In a Republican-led House, probing science agencies tops the agenda


It took House GOP just one day to show why Democrats need to bomb-proof everything while they can
You Know Them By Their Tweets (And Especially Their Retweets)
The Fraudulent King
The climate case against Elon Musk: A detailed breakdown of the new Twitter owner’s impact
How Kanye West Uses the Language of Black Liberation to Support White Supremacy
Is the U.S. News Ranking System Finally Starting to Crumble? While it’s tempting to view the decision by three elite law schools to pull out of the magazine’s rankings as little more than elite posturing, it could have real effects.
What was Larry Krasner’s biggest offense? Correctly calling out a racist criminal justice system.
Nancy Pelosi, First Female Speaker of the House, Takes a Victory Lap
Moms for Liberty-backed school board members fire superintendent, ban critical race theory
You’re Not Ready for How Much These Jokers Want to Talk about Hunter Biden’s Laptop
Moms for Liberty-backed school board members fire superintendent, ban critical race theory
A Trump Judge Just Opened Up a Portal to Conservative Legal Wonderland
The Democrats Have a Crypto Problem. The high costs of taking money from Sam Bankman-Fried.
What a far-right school board takeover looks like: Summary firings, bans on CRT, teachers walk out
Mayoral Allies Present Potential Conflicts for the D.C. Housing Authority
Larry Krasner and the Limits of “Law and Order”: In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, many candidates who focussed on crime failed to win elections.
Rail fare revenue remains down but Silver Line gives Metro optimism. The new extension, which opened Tuesday, has already drawn in new riders, transit officials say, while evasion enforcement has cut down on offenses.
Why Elon Musk Is Blowing Up Twitter’s Business
How Marjorie Taylor Greene’s MAGA House will boost Trump
Former Anti-Abortion Leader Alleges Another Supreme Court Breach. Years before the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, a landmark contraception ruling was disclosed, according to a minister who led a secretive effort to influence justices.
The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly’s “Thousand True Fans” Theory
Twitter’s Slow and Painful End: Although a full collapse is unlikely, a different kind of death is possible.
Justice Samuel Alito Leaked Hobby Lobby Decision On Contraception In 2014: Report
‘It’s the people’s plaza’: Here’s what’s new after Boston City Hall Plaza’s $95 million makeover

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