Links 11/11/22

Links for you. Science:

New antibiotic appears to be effective against urinary tract infections, drug company says
Listeria outbreak from deli meat and cheese kills 1, sickens dozen
Masks Cut Covid Spread in Schools, Study Finds. In a so-called natural experiment, two school districts in Boston maintained masking after mandates had been lifted in others, enabling a unique comparison.
An Ancient People’s Oldest Message: Get Rid of Beard Lice. Archaeologists in Israel unearthed a tiny ivory comb inscribed with the oldest known sentence written in an alphabet that evolved into one we use today.
COVID fog demystified
Innate immune mechanisms of mRNA vaccines


The Conventional Wisdom Bubble Burst Last Night
What If – Hear Me Out – Democrats Are Popular?
Biggest loser of the midterm elections? The media.
What You Can Say to Pull Someone Out of a Junk Science Rabbit Hole
All This Bitcoin Stuff Is Fake
The ‘Red Wave’ Hit Southern Brooklyn. Some Blame the County Democrats.
Republicans learn the hard way: Voters are still angry about overturning Roe
Elon Musk’s Twitter Did Not Perform at Its Best on Election Day
Hochul won her election, but at what cost? Democrats may have kept hold of the governorship, but Gov. Kathy Hochul’s weak performance may have lost the party the House.
5 big GOP narratives just went down in flames
In rare plea, Conservative Jewry tells Netanyahu: Don’t make Ben Gvir a minister
How the Supreme Court Likely Handed Control of the House to Republicans
How Twitter’s contentious new fact-checking project really works
How a viral teen app became the center of a sex trafficking hoax
A Pandemic Silver Lining in Senegal. Oxygen was a crucial COVID treatment. Now it’s helping treat children with pneumonia.
Analysts entirely misread the Fetterman-Oz debate. These graphs show how wrong they were
Neil Gorsuch May Be the Supreme Court’s Most Outspoken Defender of Native Rights… Ever? We are just as surprised to be saying it as you may be to hear it.
“It Could Have Been Worse” Is the Wrong Response to the Midterms. While the red wave didn’t materialize, the fact that Republicans performed as well as they did—thanks in part to radical gerrymandering—should terrify us.

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  1. People don’t realize that New York State is a much more conservative place than the media would lead you to believe.

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