Links 11/10/22

Links for you. Science:

US mid-term elections: 3 ways science is on the line
Please don’t lick psychedelic toads, warn US park officials
‘I don’t want this kind of life’: graduate students question career options
Masks Cut Covid Spread in Schools, Study Finds: In a so-called natural experiment, two school districts in Boston maintained masking after mandates had been lifted in others, enabling a unique comparison.
Lifting Universal Masking in Schools — Covid-19 Incidence among Students and Staff
Cognitive Deficits in Long Covid-19


White women are not “voting against their own interests.” They’re making an astute political calculation that they have made successfully for decades. They look around. They see who has power (almost exclusively white men). They side with power.
Democrats’ Elevation Of Election Deniers Worked
NEWS ANALYSIS: Who Can Be Blamed for Not Blowing the Midterms? Democrats’ recrimination plans go up in smoke (“How do you trash “activists” for a loss that didn’t quite materialize after a solid year of preemptively blaming them for it? I imagine we’ll soon see.”)
There Aren’t Two Sides to Attempted Assassination
The bankers have launched a class war
After the Red Wave That Wasn’t, the Tide May Be Turning on Trump
Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 Billion Fortune Is Eviscerated in Days
The Most Lawless County in Texas
An intro to Mastodon from a relative newcomer!
Tesla Stock Is Plummeting and Reddit Investors Are Blaming Musk’s Twitter Chaos
FATAL NEGLECT: Homeless New Yorkers with serious mental illness keep falling through the cracks despite billions in spending
DID RON DeSANTIS REALLY CLINCH THE 2024 REPUBLICAN NOMINATION YESTERDAY? (“I’d say that Florida has gone Republican gradually and then suddenly the way California went from being a Bush state in 1988 to being a state that has cast 60% of its vote for the Democrat in every presidential election since 2008”)
I’d love to give y’all some examples of what I heard at doors in rural Missouri to help you understand what folks out here say when confronted with a progressive message.
The Blame Game
The midterms signal the return of Democratic dominance. Like 1982, 2022 may be the hard open of a new political order.
FTX Had a Death Spiral
Crypto Is Running Out Of Dominoes
D.C. Voters Approve Measure Phasing Out The Tipped Minimum Wage
A Lesson on How I Should Read the Political News
Elon Musk is putting Twitter at risk of billions in fines, warns company lawyer
March Madness Is Perfect, So of Course They’re Trying to Ruin It
More parking, more problems? DC Council hears from the public on a plan to resize residential parking zones.
Washington Post Claims Voters Want Cuts in Social Security and Medicare
People With Long Covid Face Barriers to Government Disability Benefits

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