Links 11/1/22

Links for you. Science:

Outpatient clonal propagation propelled rapid regional establishment of an emergent carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii lineage ST499Pas
An RSV live-attenuated vaccine candidate lacking G protein mucin domains is attenuated, immunogenic, and effective in preventing RSV in BALB/c mice
Carp invasion: Study highlights climate threat to key Wisconsin river
Turkey’s Honey Apocalypse Is a Warning to the World
Beyond Catastrophe. A New Climate Reality Is Coming Into View


Remote learning not ‘primary’ driver of academic losses, study shows
Well, America, You Were a Nice Idea While You Lasted. The GOP have finally abandoned the last shreds of common decency, the rule of law and other American ideals.
Churches are breaking the law and endorsing in elections, experts say. The IRS looks the other way.
The biggest and least known fight of the 2022 election
Affirmative Action
Stacey Abrams makes Brian Kemp eat every one of his horrible policy decisions in final debate
Quiet Quitting
Affidavit on charges against Pelosi attacker offers frightening new details
Kanye, Trump, and the Right’s Antisemitic Zionism
Mars, Bitches
GOP candidates fearmonger on absentee voting while GOP party officials push voters to use it
Virginia Delays Implementation Of Policies Limiting Transgender Students’ Rights
Here’s what should worry you about midterm voting
Former Army chaplain’s PhD dissertation reveals Southern Baptist blueprint to convert the military
Don’t blame ‘both sides.’ The right is driving political violence.
A passive media will be a ‘contributing factor’ on U.S. democracy’s death certificate
My Teenage Years With the Black Panthers
Kanye West Can’t Sell ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts Because Two Black Men Own the Trademark
Why Bolsonaro’s stunning loss should give humans a glimmer of hope
The Crime Wave That Republicans Defend. Corporate theft and fraud is not only tolerated by the GOP, it’s shielded. Yet Democrats rarely use this to attack Republican messaging on crime.
Meta Will Continue Burning Billions Of Dollars Until Something Happens
James Bennet and the rewriting of 2020
Europe: Great Public Systems and Eroding Public Confidence
Disney’s Star Wars Streaming Puzzle

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