Links 10/27/22

Links for you. Science:

Empirical genomic methods for tracking plasmid spread among healthcare-associated bacteria
Recommendations for the Use of in Silico Approaches for Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatic Pipeline Validation
The role of schools in driving SARS-CoV-2 transmission: Not just an open-and-shut case
Coinfection by influenza A virus and respiratory syncytial virus produces hybrid virus particles
Immunogenicity of the BA.5 Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Boosters
Sequence-Based Identification of Metronidazole-Resistant Clostridioides difficile Isolates


Be Afraid for Your Family – and Yourself. This is one of the most important elections in US History. Don’t pretend it’s not.
Nobody Can Move
Don’t Congratulate Republicans If Voter Suppression Fails: The only way to defeat these laws is to make a big deal out of them.
Abortion Is Health Care
Schools got $122 billion to reopen last year. Most has not been used.
Why White evangelicals won’t recoil against the worst MAGA pols
“I Don’t Care If It Costs Me the Next Election. I’m Going to Do What’s Right.”: The unorthodox political rise of John Fetterman.
A fine selection of bonker facades from the DC suburbs
Why Does the Wing-Nut Branch of the Republican Party Keep Winning?
On Car-Free Streets, Many New York Restaurants Thrived
Most People Don’t Know What the State Board of Education Actually Does. So How Does Anyone Pick a Candidate?
Be the change in economics
Green Tea
Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman plead guilty to felony for 2020 election robocalls targeting Cleveland voters
Bob Woodward on COVID, Kim Jong-un and “The Trump Tapes”: “He’s drowning in himself”
Why Meta’s Virtual Worlds Are Failing. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg just doesn’t have that understanding of what people want anymore.
Clarence Thomas Might at Least Try to Maintain a Veneer of Non-Partisanship. He’s not one justice under that robe, just a stack of axes in want of grinding.
In a Race Rife With Antisemitism Concerns, Mastriano Adviser Calls Shapiro ‘At Best a Secular Jew’
Justice Finally Comes to Malta, but for How Long?
Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.
Slavery Is on the Ballot for Voters in 5 US States
The great Texas COVID tragedy
Does Your Sheriff Think He’s More Powerful Than the President? Richard Mack has built a “Constitutional sheriff” movement to resist state and federal authority on guns, COVID-19 and now election results. A new survey shows just how many sheriffs agree with him.
Great Moments In Political Journalism

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