Links 10/25/22

Links for you. Science:

Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’
Time for Some Group Therapy: Update on Identification, Antimicrobial Resistance, Taxonomy, and Clinical Significance of the Bacteroides fragilis Group
GSearch: Ultra-Fast and Scalable Microbial Genome Search by combining Kmer Hashing with Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs
Baseball History Is No Longer Written With Ash Bats. Invasive insects and batter preferences have led to the elimination of the wood that dominated the sport for generations. There may not be a single ash bat used in this postseason.
Lab Manipulations of Covid Virus Fall Under Murky Government Rules. Mouse experiments at Boston University have spotlighted an ambiguous U.S. policy for research on potentially dangerous pathogens.


Mystery Surrounds Company Paying MAGA Candidate’s Salary: Joe Kent, a Trump-backed House contender in Washington state, reported a $122,110.36 from a company that does not appear to exist.
Conservative Judicial Ruling Threatens Functioning of Daily Life
US Chip Sanctions ‘Kneecap’ China’s Tech Industry
Want to Know What’s Going On in Our Economy? Talk to Workers.
Bankruptcy protects fake people, brutalizes real ones
The Limits of Pro-Worker Conservatism
Bernie Sanders, Fearing Weak Democratic Turnout, Plans Midterms Blitz
Republicans Are Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare
How Being Denied an Abortion Affects Women (Ross Douthat misrepresents research? Inconceivable!)
Ohio GOP candidate defends ‘Jew you down’ comment by saying Jews have ‘solid money principles’
How Russia organized its torture chamber network in Kharkiv Oblast
Bestselling author Madeline Miller reveals long COVID struggle: ‘My body feels poisoned’
What Lara Logan’s descent from 60 Minutes to QAnon says about the right
Finally, Democrats push for an end to GOP debt ceiling extortion
Ten Unpleasant Facts About The American People
GOP promises to gut your Social Security, Medicare if it takes power
Behind TikTok’s boom: A legion of traumatised, $10-a-day content moderators
Company That Makes Rent-Setting Software for Apartments Accused of Collusion, Lawsuit Says
Epidemiologist urges return to masking as emerging subvariants evade immunity
Whether It Matters If Journalists Are Imprisoned And Repeatedly Raped Depends On Who You Talk To
Why You Can’t Find Child Care: 100,000 Workers Are Missing. Where did they go? To better-paying jobs stocking shelves, cleaning offices or doing anything that pays more than $15 an hour.
LA Loses Much More Affordable Housing Than It Gains
Queer as Folk
New York Times columnist gets dunked on for his boneheaded definition of ‘working class’

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