Links 10/10/22

Links for you. Science:

Coyotes Came to New York City, but Not for Our Pizza
Orca vs. shark: Rare drone footage shows killer whales mauling great whites
How Many Times Will You Get COVID? When it comes to coronavirus infections, the third time is not the charm. What is? (don’t agree with everything in this, but interesting)
Pregnancy complications spiked during the pandemic. No one knows exactly why.
Cyborg cockroaches are coming, and they just want to help
Nobel Prize awarded to three scientists for work in click chemistry, which links molecules quickly


The Real Reason Herschel Walker’s Abortion Scandal Hurts the GOP
Aaron Judge Is Great—but Don’t Erase Barry Bonds
Justice Thomas should step back from the Mar-a-Lago documents case
Herschel Walker’s Baggage Is Hurting Him With A Key Group Of Voters
A majority of GOP nominees — 299 in all — deny the 2020 election results
Lindsey Graham Told Cops They Should Have Shot Jan. 6 Rioters In The Head
A broke marching band parades on Capitol Hill to practice. Magic ensues. (bad headline, good story)
The shutdown was supposed to make the Orange Line faster. It’s slower, data show.
Cleveland’s Black voters want tough oversight of cops. Will police allow it?
Democratic House Leaders Dance Around The Succession Issue
Whatever happened to the almighty Q Score?
Town Employee Quietly Lowered Fluoride In Water For Years
Ignoring rules, teachers sneak tough math courses into their school
There’s A Dishonest Right-Wing Furor Over Recent Arrests Of Anti-Abortion Activists
The U.S. should never have another baby formula shortage
GOP Candidate Critical Of Mail-In Voting Used Mail To Vote
Trump’s origins in a New York world of con men, mobsters and hustlers
‘What the hell are we doing?’: Democrats are letting beatable election-denying Republicans cruise to reelection
Pandemic struggles still afflict Social Security, a last lifeline for many
What The Weird Conservative Fixation On Electric Vehicles Says About Their Politics
Yet another lawsuit shows how abortion bans violate religious freedom
More people in Greater Boston are giving up on buying a house. That’s bad news for renters.
The Rest Of The World Does Not Exist

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