Links 10/9/22

Links for you. Science:

What Do Dogs Know About Us?
What Doctors Still Don’t Understand About Long COVID
Impact that killed the dinosaurs triggered “mega-earthquake” that lasted weeks to months
Gun-Related Suicides and Killings Continued to Rise in 2021, C.D.C. Reports. The increases in homicides were particularly stark among Black and Hispanic men, while suicides involving firearms rose among all adults.
Boosting with updated COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (paper here; note this is the UK formulation, not the U.S. one)
Had COVID? A delayed booster might lead to a better response


You weren’t supposed to see that (absolute must-read)
How Influential Senate Democrats Shut Down a Bid to Call Witnesses Against Trump (Chris Coons has always been mediocre at best)
Q&A: Is the pandemic over? (“…it’s a strange metric to say we’re not asking anybody to wear masks, so nobody’s wearing masks, so the pandemic is over. That’s not how we typically measure infectious disease when we’re doing a good job.”)
D.C. Housing Authority Is Failing In Just About Every Way. A scathing audit from HUD calls for top to bottom reform and training for the executive director and board of commissioners in the basic functions of their jobs.
Right-wing media react to Biden pardoning federal marijuana offenses with fearmongering and deflection
School vouchers won’t get your kid an elite education
The Lies Didn’t Start with Trump, Part 3: The feigned morality of the GOP is all a pose of unfathomable hypocrisy
For a Herschel Walker win, Georgia’s evangelicals are willing to selling their souls
Arizona GOP chair: DOJ has not attempted to enforce false-elector subpoenas (ugh)
As TV doctor, Mehmet Oz provided platform for questionable products and views
Howard Schultz’s fight to stop a Starbucks barista uprising
Herschel Walker was caught in another lie — why the GOP reaction this time is eyeopening
To clarify, I meant ban abortion except for Republican politicians
We Mean Nothing to the Company
Kanye West, Herschel Walker and the politics of toxic Black men
As NYC rents soar, dysfunction in Adams administration fuels housing crisis
Why this 1992 personal finance book still has a cult following
Biden Just Made Marijuana Reform a Major 2022 Issue. Democrats Should Run With It.
Few Americans get new covid booster shot ahead of projected winter surge
Will Gas Prices Tank Electoral Prospects for Democrats?
So Vermeer did not paint ‘Girl With a Flute.’ Why think less of it?
The Supreme Court Is Ready to Take Down More of the Voting Rights Act. Make no mistake: The racist redistricting map preferred by Alabama Republicans will win the day. But how the court gets to that decision is an open and important matter.
The unseen, creative way D.C. is fighting gun violence
William Shatner: My Trip to Space Filled Me With ‘Overwhelming Sadness’

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