Links 10/6/22

Links for you. Science:

Spain reports first human case of H5N1 bird flu, second in Europe (just something to keep an eye on)
Thousands of Criminal Cases in New York Relied on Disputed DNA Testing Techniques
The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Spawned a Monster Tsunami
Colorado’s state fish swims back from brink of extinction
UC researchers finally may have solved how to recycle plastic bags into something useful
New nasal spray vaccines might reduce COVID infections, but the money is still missing


Biden Picked the Worst Possible Moment to Declare the Pandemic “Over” (excellent)
How the CDC’s communication failures during Covid tarnished the agency
The Supreme Court Seems Awfully Nervous About Its Own Legitimacy
Nothing Works In Politics, Until You Try It — So Try Everything. The Kitchen Sink Is A Virtue
Multiple Massachusetts colleges extend mask mandates indefinitely
Employees Who Shift to 4-Day Week Devote New Free Time to Sleep
Okla. GOP ties hospital’s covid funds to end of gender-affirming care. Republicans threatened to withhold $108 million in federal funds if one of the state’s biggest hospital systems didn’t cease the procedures (“Oklahoma Republicans, who were pushed into action through a campaign led by a pair of conservative podcasters…”)
Gotta Laugh
Federalist Society hacks urge boycott of communist indoctrination school that produced Sam Alito (the tweets in the link are remarkable)
Housing Finance Board Members Push Back Against Conflict of Interest Claims
Apples to hand grenades: Why transit fare evasion is an untimely distraction
Bowser Is Promising Big Strides on Black Homeownership. But Is She Doing Enough to Prevent Foreclosures?
D.C. Sets Ambitious Goal Of 20,000 New Black Homeowners By 2030
Bad Losers: Election deniers are a threat to democracy. The midterms could be the last chance to stop them.
‘A fluke’: The world’s oldest webcam is still watching over San Francisco (FogCam here)
The College is failing to protect us from COVID. Here is how.
Biden administration scales back student debt relief for millions amid legal concerns
The failed NFL diversity ‘rule’ corporate America loves
Chess site alleges ‘likely’ cheating by Hans Niemann in more than 100 games
How Government Ends: Through an assault on administrative agencies, the Supreme Court is systematically eroding the legal basis of effective governance.
The Democracy: How the nation’s oldest political party learned to think small
The Instagram capital of the world is a terrible place to be. Just because you can (sort of) afford to go somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it.

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