Links 10/4/22

Links for you. Science:

Metagenomic classification with KrakenUniq on low-memory computers
Why is the monkeypox epidemic improving?
Video Footage Provides First Detailed Observation Of Orcas Hunting White Sharks In South Africa
A New Approach to Spotting Tumors: Look for Their Microbes
Ancient DNA pioneer Svante Pääbo wins Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Syphilis cases are surging. Should I be worried? The sexually transmitted disease can mimic other illnesses, and many people don’t know they have it. Here’s what you need to know.


CEOs Can’t Fix Our Biggest Problem With RTO: Commuting
Old Farts
The Great American Mystery Story: Why Did Crime Decline?
My First Yom Kippur in Exile
Joe Rogan Walks the Establishment Party Line: Joe Rogan wants you to think he’s a rebel. But he’s pretty much just reciting Biden’s talking points.
Alabama GOP chairman made the photo ID he used to vote
Alabama GOP chair’s family believed voter ID was mark of the beast, brother said in deposition
Stop Magnifying the Former President’s Incitement
‘4-alarm blaze’: New York’s public health crises converge
Pennsylvania’s Chief Justice, Part of a Court Majority to Shield Voting Rights, Died on Friday
Lawmakers Confront a Rise in Threats and Intimidation, and Fear Worse
Why the Florida Fantasy Withstands Reality
Michael Fanone Is Not Your Fucking Hero
Why Polio, Once Eliminated, Is Testing N.Y. Health Officials
The Florida Fantasy Meets Hard Reality
Bowser Shuffles Existing Leadership For Two New Agencies Replacing DCRA
Mellman: The likely voter sham
People are fleeing Puerto Rico, Guam and every other U.S. territory. What gives?
Tread on us, please. Florida needs a new socialism-friendly slogan after Hurricane Ian
The Irrefutable Case for Police Reform
MTA: Wait, Y’all Would Ride the Subway More If It Was On Time?
Dank Choice Voting. Why the 2022 midterms are the marijuana election.
Campbell’s ‘We Are Proud Boys’ offers a definitive look at the neofascist warriors against democracy
Youngkin’s meeting with Va. delegation gets heated over trans policy

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