Links 10/3/22

Links for you. Science:

Genomic deletions and rearrangements in monkeypox virus from the 2022 outbreak, USA
CDC: Keep Family From Catching Your Covid By Isolating In A Separate Room (note that a large Danish study found vaccination status was important too)
European starlings are so good at mimicry, they can even do human speech. (listen to the whole thing)
The aspiring ‘coral factory’ restoring reefs wrecked by climate change
A quake may have uncovered 30 new dinosaur tracks in Alaska
Impaired immune response drives age-dependent severity of COVID-19


No, Joe Biden, the Pandemic Is Not Over.. The president’s words were irresponsible and flat-out wrong, but they accurately reflect his administration’s long-standing attitude toward the pandemic.
David Brooks Gets Something Right
Ken Burns Gets at the Nasty Underbelly of American History: David Nasaw in conversation with Jon Wiener on the new PBS documentary The U.S. and the Holocaust. (very good)
How Do You Wedge a Condo Into a Tiny Site? Work the Angles
The Supreme Court Returns on Monday, Stronger and More Terrible Than Ever
We Will All End Up Paying for Someone Else’s Beach House
The Prying Eyes of Social Media
Nevada Democrats see signs of nightmare scenario: Latino voters staying home
The January 6 Committee Can’t Quit Before It Examines the Clarence Thomas Connection
Why roll the dice on covid? Get the booster and don’t take the chance.
Giorgia Meloni’s Plan for Italy. The far-right leader is not poised to become a dictator but something more insidious.
Putin’s recruits are heading for slaughter
Bipartisanship Is Bullshit. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema claimed in a recent speech that voters hunger for greater cooperation in Congress. History shows that it’s a dead end.
Americans are larger. Should the FAA stop airplane seats from shrinking?
The Working-Class Candidate. Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes aims to oust billionaire-backed Senator Ron Johnson and change Washington.
An American education. Amid a historic U.S. teacher shortage, a ‘Most Outstanding Teacher’ from the Philippines tries to help save a struggling school in rural Arizona
What all that stealing says about America
A White House fence’s Black Lives Matter art has been saved for history
Mitch McConnell Is A Rich And Powerful Man Who Can Take Care Of Himself
It’s the perfect starter home. But it’s only for rent.
Proud Boys memo reveals meticulous planning for ‘street-level violence’
The pandemic and apps are fueling a surge of interest in Yiddish
17 Geppettos
Meet the people collecting airplane barf bags. One man’s (unused) motion-sickness bag is another’s treasure

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