Links for you. Science:

Metro Microbes: Microbiomes of Public Transit & Urban Spaces
Early analysis suggests monkeypox vaccine is reducing risk of infection in U.S.
Primate hemorrhagic fever-causing arteriviruses are poised for spillover to humans
The Mysterious, Vexing, and Utterly Engrossing Search for the Origin of Eels
Connecticut schools reporting four times more COVID cases this year
The Most Abundant Chemical in the Universe Could Become a Hot Commodity


Has anyone seen this Chevron commercial?
For New Yorkers, 6 p.m. Is the New 8 p.m.
Texas schools are being told to teach ‘opposing views’ of the Holocaust. Why?
Trump Judge Keeps her Finger on the Scale, Reversing Special Master Rules
You thought the Supreme Court’s last term was bad? Brace yourself.
Ronald DeSantis, Climate Change Denier and Disaster Relief Refuser, May Finally Face Reality
Republican House Majority Will Try to Melt Down Global Economy: Democrats need to sabotage-proof the government while they still can.
Cannon Fodder: What difference will mobilisation make to the war?
Author of measure to cut Ketchikan library funding over LGBTQ content says he doubts it will pass
Democrats’ strategy to boost MAGA Republicans is vindicated: Whatever sane Republicans remain in office, they remain largely enablers of the party’s anti-democracy majority. (yep)
The Jewish word that no one uses anymore (I use it!)
He Has a 7-Point Plan for a Christian Takeover — and Wants Doug Mastriano to Lead the Charge
Physician Burnout Has Reached Distressing Levels, New Research Finds
Justices shield spouses’ work from potential conflict of interest disclosures
Trump never dropped his fake-voices phone routine, not even as POTUS
D.C. Schools Are Losing Educators. Teachers Have Solutions
CUNY enrollment declines as billions in repairs are delayed
Right-wing smear artists baldly lie about Idaho public schools teaching ‘porn literacy’ to children
Affidavits: More pregnant minors who were raped denied Ohio abortions
MAGA and the “incels”: Latest Jan. 6 arrests show how fascists target insecure young men

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