Links 9/28/22

Links for you. Science:

Viruses to Fight Superbugs? Scientists Are Working on It
Five things about covid we still don’t understand at our peril
An ACE2-dependent Sarbecovirus in Russian bats is resistant to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
The roles of history, chance, and natural selection in the evolution of antibiotic resistance
The Fungus That Killed Frogs—and Led to a Surge in Malaria
Shy Raccoons Are Better Learners Than Bold Ones, Study Finds. Wildlife management strategies focused on aggressive raccoons may be inadvertently boosting the proportion of more clever ones in cities.


What Was And What Could Be (excellent)
‘Other Places in the Country Didn’t Do This’: How One California Town Survived Covid Better Than the Rest
How Justice Scalia created chaos: “Originalism” is just right-wing ideology in disguise. Berkeley law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky on the incoherent, dishonest ideology that has warped the Supreme Court
‘It is sinking us even further’: STI clinics, already stretched thin, strain under weight of monkeypox response
Why It’ll Be Tough for Republicans to Cancel Student Debt Cancellation
D.C. strives to increase Black homeownership with low interest loans, deferred repayment
“Slouching Towards Utopia”: The actual review itself
Buckle up, America: The Fed plans to sharply boost unemployment (the headline and tone of the article are surprising for legacy media)
When a shitbird mangles an opponent’s language into his own rhetoric, you can be assured of one thing, he’s stuffing a strawman weak enough so he can wrestle with it.
Why Progressive Groups Struggled With the Biden Agenda
The right loves to say “politics is downstream from culture,” but on the right the opposite is true
Those GOP ‘tough on crime’ ads? They’re based on a very big lie.
Glenn Youngkin Knows Exactly What He’s Doing
Liz Cheney’s harsh takedown of Trump’s 2022 candidates draws blood
Santa Cruz is A Housing Nightmare
In rare intervention, state chief justices warn SCOTUS away from blowing up federalism
Community-based N95 Distribution During the COVID-19 Omicron BA.1 Surge: 1-month Utilization and Price Implications
Texas Attorney General Fled His Home to Avoid Subpoena in Abortion Rights Case
The Second Amendment Gives No Comfort to Insurrectionists
Kari Lake Is Straight-up Lying, and There’s No Second Option
The Key Ingredients Of Christian Nationalism: Christian nationalism isn’t new. But its core components are dominating Republican politics.
Conservatives Building New Efficiencies in the ‘Virtual Martyrdom’ Pipeline
Why Russia rewrote Lord of the Rings
US Troops Are Volunteering to Fly Abortion Seekers Across State Lines

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