Links 9/26/22

Links for you. Science:

A once-obscure type of beekeeping could help save colonies
What’s in a name? When Omicron isn’t Omicron (my take here)
Biden names director of new research agency for biomedical innovation
Why Monkeypox Wasn’t Another COVID-19
Regulator approves first deep-sea mining test, surprising observers
COVID-19: One in three infected, unvaccinated people no longer have detectable antibodies one year after infection


Perla of wisdom
“MAGA Republican” Is a Distinction Without a Difference. Ten MAGA Republicans and 10 “normal” Republicans happy to play along are, in practice, 20 MAGA Republicans.
Is the pandemic over? Pre-covid activities Americans are (and are not) resuming.
We Didn’t Vanquish Polio. What Does That Mean for Covid-19?
Is crypto a house of cards?
Trump’s Embrace of QAnon Realizes the Dream of the Religious Right
To say U.S. abortion rollbacks are in line with Europe is simply wrong
Republicans Are Ready to Declare the United States a Christian Nation
10 tips for co-existing with covid (and living a normal-ish life)
Cori Bush on Her Green New Deals for Cities
Cuba sent gay men to work camps. Now it’s voting on same-sex marriage.
How American Exceptionalism Fueled Global Authoritarian Nationalism
As crackdown eases, China’s Xinjiang faces long road to rehabilitation
Tish James Got the Goods on the Trump Family Grift—Now What?
Inside the plant building the fastest passenger trains in America
How Brett Favre’s Flaws Were Hidden in Plain Sight
The online incel movement is getting more violent and extreme, report says
David Leonhardt’s Centrist Nostalgia Won’t Save Democracy
What’s the National Mall like at 4 a.m.? For work, they found out.
Arizona Republican secretary of state nominee kept ‘Treason Watch List’ and posted about stockpiling ammunition on Pinterest
The one Republican Party

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