Links 9/25/22

Links for you. Science:

NASA hopes to hit an asteroid now in case we really need to knock one away later
Saving Whales From Ship Collisions With Warnings and Letter Grades
Why Omicron Might Stick Around
Mystery of dead sturgeon in central B.C. has scientists asking for help
Impact of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and booster on COVID-19 symptom severity over time in the COVID-OUT trial
Evolutionary consequences of delaying intervention for monkeypox


On COVID, the president put his foot in it
Wildly Popular And Under Attack: The Political Battle Over America’s Public Lands
Boston’s sea-level rise will require a ‘Big Dig level’ solution, city leaders say
Public Libraries Now Have To Deal With Hoax Bomb Threats
The typical Chinese adult is now richer than the typical European adult, a new wealth report finds
What Policing Looks Like from the Inside
Trump’s Putin Lust & the Final Frontier of Democracy
In America, Clean Water Is Becoming a Luxury
To democratize our way of life, we need ‘democratic contempt’ for the spoils of white power
These parents are making DIY air purifiers for Philly schools. They want one in every city classroom.
Judge rules Wasilla lawmaker likely ineligible for office due to Oath Keepers membership, delaying election certification until trial concludes
A Danish City Built Google Into Its Schools—Then Banned It
What Putin’s Mobilization Means for the War in Ukraine
The Midterm Race That Has It All
San Francisco Braces for Epic Commercial Real Estate Crash

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