Links 9/19/22

Links for you. Science:

Maryland Has Eradicated These Invasive 20-Lb. Swimming Rodents
The Elusive Future of San Francisco’s Fog
Flight of the Condors
To study ancient seafarers, researcher built a replica ship — and sailed it
When a face means nothing: What prosopagnosia looks like
A deadly fungus is driving these bats near extinction, government says


Democracy’s Fair-Weather Friends in the Mainstream Media
New Metro GM: It’s your transit system
The Trump Judges Are Officially Running the Show
A mother’s charge: In cowboy country, a single mother tries to raise her boy to be a good man
Rail Workers, Nurses, Teachers Are Fighting From the Bottom Up
A migrant landed on Martha’s Vineyard. A resident jumped in to help.
“MAGA Republican” Is a Distinction Without a Difference
Missing people, buried bones at center of Oklahoma mystery. A high-stakes criminal investigation is a window into the often unseen threat of white-supremacist prison gangs
Let’s Call DeSantis’s Migrant Stunt What It Is—Kidnapping
What Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis don’t understand about America
New Hampshire’s GOP Senate Nominee Wants to Take Away the Right to Elect Senators
Our Ancestors Thought We’d Build an Economic Paradise. Instead We Got 2022
The U.S. safety net was built for cold winters. Hot summers threaten it.
The GOP’s Surrender to the Antisemites
Putting the ‘T’ in tattoo: Commuters express their love (or disdain) for the MBTA with ink
Florida’s largest school system blocks LGBTQ History Month declaration
Has the world changed?
Republican Senators Introduce Bill To Repeal D.C.’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For School Kids

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