Links 9/16/22

Links for you. Science:

The Myopia Generation: Why do so many kids need glasses now?
The Scientific Response to COVID-19: What Does the Biomedical Literature Say?
The Long Haul: Inside one neurologist’s quest to solve the mystery of COVID’s most puzzling complication.
Eagle-eyed Delaware hunter chances upon ‘holy grail’ of tree lovers — full-grown American chestnut
Meet the women hunting giant pythons ‘eating everything’ in the Everglades
COVID-19 infection and transmission includes complex sequence diversity


There’s Terrific News About the New Covid Boosters, but Few Are Hearing It
Calling Trump the F-Word: What matters about identifying the Trumpist line as fascist is that it is diagnostic.
A Vote for the Future of Brazil. With the election in Brazil approaching, public opinion polls indicate that incumbent Jair Bolsonaro could lose. But if he does, will he go quietly? Many in the country fear a replay of the violence seen in the United States when Donald Trump lost.
Why a woman’s doctor warned her not to get pregnant in Texas (“The DeSpains didn’t have enough money – Kailee said she was docked pay at work because she’d had too many sick days – so Cade asked a relative he describes as “the epitome of the Trump fanboy” to give them the $3,500. The relative relented when Cade said that without the abortion, he could end up a widower at age 30.”)
The Flu Is Coming: Too bad we are ignoring the lessons learned from Covid
Another Private Equity–Style Hospital Raid Kills a Busy Urban Hospital
How Trump lost one of his biggest fights — and nobody noticed
Lazy V.S. Uninterested & Quiet Quitting
US officially added to WHO’s list of poliovirus outbreak countries
Right-wing commentators tell Graham: We’ll lose if you tell the public that we’ll ban abortion if we win
Ron DeSantis Flew Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Echoing a Racist Stunt From Exactly 60 Years Ago
The Perverse, Potentially Lethal Consequences of Lindsey Graham’s Federal Abortion Ban
Trump Wasn’t Wrong That We Need to Take Better Care of Our Forests. We have some work to do to lessen the destruction of wildfires. It’s just a bit more complicated than “raking” the “floors.”
Why every conspiracy Republicans imagine eventually crumbles to dust
Textbook political malpractice: Schumer lets GOP off the hook on marriage equality vote
You have to be a sorry mofo to steal from the underserved
Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company
Why Are Rich People So Obsessed With Proving US Cities Are Dystopian Hellholes?
The Sugar Babies of Stanford University
What Shiva Taught Me About Covering Tragedy. I had never covered a mass shooting before. Calling the families of victims was tough, but a familiar ritual helped me.

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