Republicans to Attempt to Ban Abortion in the U.S. Today

Or so multiple news reports say. Later today, Senator and member of the political wing of the Proud Boys Lindsey Graham will introduce a bill, the “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act.” This would enact a national ban on abortions after fifteen weeks–so that there is no confusion, this does not create a minimal floor of fifteen weeks, but rather, a maximum of fifteen weeks.

The rancid cherry on top of this Orwellian shit sunday is calling any abortion after fifteen weeks ‘late term’, a term that is typically used for the last trimester (past 24 weeks).

In a sense, this shows just how structurally unbalanced the U.S. political system is. Republicans are getting pounded in opinion polls over their anti-legal and safe abortion stance, yet they think this is the path to victory. Only in a system that, due to gerrymandering and other structural factors, would this be seen as a remotely savvy move–and Sen. Graham is, if nothing else, a political survivor. (Republicans also might be trying to steal attention from today’s ceremonial signing of the Inflation Reduction Act).

Hopefully, this will blow up in their faces, though it would help if Democrats did more than just let them trip over their own feet.

Aside: Last week, Democratic Sen. John Ossoff missed a key committee vote due to severe illness from COVID. If they have to wheel him in inside a bubble, do that.

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