Links 9/9/22

Links for you. Science:

Whole-Genome Sequencing Surveillance and Machine Learning of the Electronic Health Record for Enhanced Healthcare Outbreak Detection
Covid forecast: Major fall surge unlikely, but variants are a wild card
Ferns finally get a genome, revealing a history of DNA hoarding and kleptomania
Career: Why I shrank my lab by half
Narcissists are more likely to fall for conspiracy theories. Why?
Zimbabwe moves 2,500 wild animals because of climate change


Trump’s Second Term Would Look Like This. The former president and his allies have explained their plans quite clearly.
Sex Workers Say Wells Fargo Is Terminating Their Accounts
The Mystery of the Missing Republican Ad Money:mOne Republican has been raking in the donations and siphoning dollars away from GOP candidates. It’s just that this (former) guy isn’t on a ballot this time around.
Donald Trump has repeatedly called for lengthy jail sentences for those who he claimed mishandled classified information
‘Are We the Problem?’ The New Dean of Columbia J-School Wrestles With Its Place in the Industry
Note on Covid
The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About
Florida let them vote. Then DeSantis’s election police arrested them.
Top Cowboy for Trump Can No Longer Hold Office on Account of that Whole ‘Insurrection’ Thing
New Mexico county commissioner banned from office for participating in Jan. 6 insurrection
CNN’s on-air talent get the message
The Senate GOP is spilling its dirty laundry all over the place, and it couldn’t be more fun
Trump-Appointed Judge Is Not Keen to Hear More about How She’s Bad at Law. If you ever wanted to know what the legal version of “LALALA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU” looks like.
Fox producer’s warning against Jeanine Pirro surfaces in Dominion defamation suit
Geoffrey Berman’s timely reality check on Trump and a ‘weaponized’ DOJ
New “Compromise” Just Dropped
American Cities Have to Find Ways to Keep Themselves From Drowning
This Case Before the Supreme Court Could Unravel Democracy for Decades
CNN Anchor’s Smug Pot Shot At Striking Seattle Teachers Shows How Unions Are Casually Demonized in US Media
Ron Johnson flips on gay marriage bill after saying he saw ‘no reason to oppose it’
Humanity was stagnant for millennia — then something big changed 150 years ago
The authoritarian threat
Caution over COVID-19 is “irrational anxiety”?
Should We Save Newspapers from Google? Right now, Google is destroying the news. There’s legislation to stop the arson, but it’s controversial, and not just because big tech doesn’t like it.

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